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Kevin Costner Goes to Bat for Liz Cheney and MAGAs are FURIOUS and Going Nuts on Twitter

How can the MAGAs hate Kevin Costner!! You would think that they could get over him being a Democrat, at least such that they don’t hate him. This is a guy who danced with wolves, built a baseball field in corn, and painted toenails in the bathtub while discussing Susan Sontag. Yes, yes, he made Waterworld, but that’s still batting .750, and they’re supposed to be patriotic Americans… who can’t count to 750.

MAGAs are mostly men. How many of them would have known that a great way to have a mega-MAGA night might be painting toenails? They don’t have to discuss Susan Sontag because they’d probably think she was some hot blonde singer. They can talk about NASCAR.

But the MAGAs are mad! Kevin Costner had the gall to show some love for Liz Cheney while in Wyoming, no less. No doubt, these MAGAs have forgotten (or don’t care) that with respect to coal, cows, the Interior Department, and all the other stuff that matters greatly to the average Wyoming MAGA, the Cheney family – including Liz, has always voted exactly how the people of Wyoming would want her to vote.

Kevin Costner has recently seen success playing John Dutton on Paramount’s Yellowstone.

Liz thought it would be worthwhile to tweet out that real men that know how to dance with wolves and build baseball fields in corn know that they also best put country over party!

But things got complicated for Liz on Twitter, where she was “Not well received.”

Take a look:

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