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Mary Trump Mocks Uncle Donald for Saying There Will Be ‘Big Problems’ if He’s Indicted: ‘Yeah, We’ll Probably Run Out of Beer’

If Donald Trump is ever indicted with a crime, and it sounds as though there is a very good possibility that he will be, the announcement is going to bring out strong reactions throughout the country. There will be a lot of gnashing of teeth and wailing from the Right, accompanied by a yet-to-be-seen level of violence, perhaps a terrifying amount, perhaps far less than we expect. But the statistics say that most people will be happy to see Trump finally held accountable for something.

Mary Trump understands the dynamic as well as anyone, but she sees Trump using the talk of violence as yet another example of Trump’s use of intimidation, very militant, but she doesn’t believe there will be much violence in the aftermath. No, Mary worries about the other end, the size of the party:

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump and his avid critic, sarcastically said this week that the country will “run out of beer” if her uncle was indicted for keeping classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort residence, in reference to a recent interview in which he said “big problems” would happen in the country if he were to be indicted.

“Donald said recently that there will be ‘big problems’ if he’s indicted and he’s right. There will be big problems for him. I know that he was in his not-too-subtle way, threatening the rest of us with the violence of his insane followers,” she said during an episode of The Mary Trump Show that was posted by Politicon to YouTube on Saturday.

“But, you know that’s not going to happen. There is not going to be some mass uprising to protest the fact that Donald finally for once in his life is being held accountable. The real problem is that we’re probably going to run out of beer,” she added.

Well, there will certainly be a lot of celebrating… unless she is wrong about the violence and there actually is a big uprising. But she is absolutely right in that Trump is purposefully trying to intimidate the country itself and DOJ specifically. Merrick Garland doesn’t sound like he’s scared. But we also know that Garland isn’t going to file anything until he knows he has every single element nailed down to the ground.

There is probably enough beer. Probably.


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