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Social Media Can’t Stop Talking About Trump’s Puffy Bottom in Recent Interview, With Most Thinking It’s a Diaper

Hey, it’s a Friday, so that’s a good time to have a little fun, right? So that’s your warning that this is not a news article, and it’s not important nor serious. But, it is pretty strange that Donald Trump appears to be wearing a diaper in his recent interview with Sean Hannity. Either a diaper or he has gained a lot of weight in his bottom. Either way, the internet is going crazy over it.

There has been a rumor for years that Trump wears diapers. We have covered it quite a few times. One of our favorite people, comedian Noel Casler, used to work for Trump on Celebrity Apprentice and has claimed that Trump wears diapers.

Casler once tweeted, “Anyone who thinks I’m joking about Trump wearing Depends should watch this vid…I’m not, it was a known fact on ‘Apprentice’ he is incontinent from all the years of stimulant abuse and fast food. Right Don?” (The video he is referring to has since been deleted, as it was from a suspended account, but it showed Trump wearing khaki’s with an obvious strange puffy bulge in the crotch area).

Casler claims Trump has needed diapers since 2007:

Casler even claims that production would shut down when Trump soiled himself:

Well, in his recent interview with Sean Hannity, Trump’s rear end appeared to look rather large and puffy. Come on, tell me this is normal:

And Trump’s interview with Hannity was two nights ago, and yet, it’s still a trending topic on Twitter.

Take a look:


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