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Vladimir Putin Injured His Tailbone and Soiled Himself After Falling Down Stairs at His Home

As speculation continues to build over the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, there are now reports that he took a nasty fall down the stairs and soiled himself, according to an anti-Kremlin Telegram channel that has apparent links to his security team.

He took the horrible spill at his Moscow official residence Wednesday evening, according to the Telegram channel General SVR, which is reportedly run by a former Russian spy, The New York Post reports.

There have been reports circulating for months about Putin’s potentially declining health and he allegedly fell down a flight of five stairs and landed on his coccyx (tailbone).

His security guards immediately ran to help him but the impact of the fall caused him to “involuntarily defecate” due to “cancer affecting his stomach and bowels” the channel reported.

This unfortunate accident is the latest health scare Putin is dealing with, and rumors are flying that he is suffering from worsening cancer as the war with Ukraine continues.

“Three bodyguards helped the president get to the nearest couch and summoned medics, who are on duty at the residence,” per General SVR.

“Nothing critical [was diagnosed], the president’s condition closer to nighttime was stable, he can get around on his own, with pain in the coccyx area while sitting being the only thing that bothers him.”

Now a special investigation is underway to try and determine what caused him to fall. Putin is famously-paranoid and it’s reported he wears slip-proof shoes, and stairs in his official residence have been deemed safe. But the report adds all this might not be enough.

“As it turns out, all precautions could be in vain when the nerves are shot,” General SVR concludes.

But if the fall affected him in any way, you’d never know that since he was back in action a day later, visiting a lab in Moscow.

Rumors about his health began swirling in lockstep with the beginning of the war in Ukraine in February. Putin has appeared looking weak and rather unsteady in public. And in late October, Kyiv  Post journalist Jason Jay Smart tweeted screenshots of Putin welcoming soldiers at a boot camp in the Ryazan region. A dark area can be seen on his hand, and it’s led to speculation that this was from IV tracks.

In the weeks prior to that, the Telegram channel also pinpointed Putin’s shaky stance as he met with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

“Putin’s oncology is progressing and, despite adequate treatment lately, the pain is not always completely relieved, ” the channel purported.

“It must be understood that the deplorable state of the president’s physical and mental health affects the adoption of key decisions. Putin doesn’t want to change history. He wants to end it.”

Perhaps illness has made Putin mentally unstable. It’s a scary time and my heart goes out to the innocent Ukrainians caught in this hell. I don’t know if there’s any end in sight to this war. I also don’t know what will happen if Putin dies. Let’s hope something positive is resolved but I’m not confident about this.

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