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Don Jr. Goes NUTS After the Women of ‘The View’ Call His Father a ‘Big Liar and Thief’

In a video posted to his Rumble account, Donald Trump Jr. went all fire and brimstone, saying the “whataboutism has begun” now that classified documents have been discovered in a private office belonging to Joe Biden from his days as vice president, Raw Story reports.

Junior went on to say that the left “is going crazy” trying to come up with explanations as to how these revelations are different from the case involving classified documents that were found at dear old dad’s Mar-a-Lago home.

“We now apparently have read that the files pertain to Iran — kind of a big deal — and more importantly, Ukraine, where we’re literally funding a proxy war against nuclear Russia right now,” Junior said, noting that his father, Donald Trump, had the ability to declassify documents while he president, whereas Biden, as vice president didn’t. However, there’s now a debate over classification powers, an issue that some reports say is unclear.

The younger Trump also took a swipe at “the geniuses on The View.”

“They said, ‘We all know Trump’s a big liar and thief … so it’s not a big jump to say that he obstructed and lied. We don’t think that Joe Biden is a liar and thief so we give him the benefit of the doubt.’ Really? All I know is, there’s been a lot of investigations of Trump and so far, they’ve found squat (the facts say otherwise. Sorry Junior). When Trump had this, the FBI hostage rescue team raided him. Now, nothing happens to Joe Biden.”

I don’t know where to go with this nonsense. Has Don Jr. forgotten his father was impeached? Twice. And that special counsel Jack Smith has tightened the screws on Rudy Giuliani and others within his father’s inner circle? And then there’s the fact that so far, the Biden administration has seemed transparent about the documents that were found in his former office. So far.

But the one thing I can say about Junior is that he has the art of speed talking and weird hand gestures down pat. Maybe he needs a Xanax, like so many of us do after dealing with his father for more than four years.

And here’s the segment from the View, where even the conservative host knows there’s a huge difference.

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