Trump’s New Truth Social Post Is So Dark and Foreboding, ‘Does the FBI Ever Apologize to Me!!’

Trump and the MAGAs have played up the recent arrest of the former FBI counter-intelligence agent and head of the NYC office, Charles McGonigal. The theory – for simpleton MAGAs – goes like this. McGonigal was the guy “investigating Trump,” and at the same time, he was taking money and allowing Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska to move assets and money into the U.S. He was working for the Russians! You can’t make this stuff up! LOLOLOLO, the FBI is a fcking joke and dirty to the core! That is their public theory.

Look at Trump’s post this morning:

This is the FBI Thug who headed up the Fake Russia, Russia, Russia investigation against ME, at the same time he was being paid off by, get this, RUSSIA. Does the FBI ever apologize to me and the American people for what they have put our Country through?

Let me make this very, very clear. Trump is deeply terrified about this arrest, no matter how much propaganda he can get out of the “dirty FBI” thing. I mean, shit, how much law enforcement experience does it require to think: “Okay. He was the lead investigator into Trump-Russia. No one uncovered anything big about Trump Russia. Russia was paying this guy off. Does that mean Russia paid him to ignore Trump-Russia?”

At least with respect to financial conflicts with the Russian mob, which is where most people think Trump is most exposed, the FBI found… nothing. These people in the Russian mob, especially Deripaska, are Putin’s friends. You are not allowed to get rich in Russia without being friends with Putin. Especially Deripaska, who has been called Putin’s best friend.

So this guy is in charge of busting Trump’s conflicts… maybe Russian oligarch-backed loans from Deutsche Bank? Money that is in Trump’s name but doesn’t belong to him? Money that goes into building golf courses and assets that are in Trump’s name but don’t really belong to him? (This is a leading theory among many who believe Trump has long been a Russian asset. He launders money).

Strangely, McGonigal gets a paper bag full of cash, $220,000, which is nice for a civil servant. He finds nothing in the Russian investigation, and when Mueller is done and the threat to Trump is all but over, McGonigal “retires” from the FBI and finds work in… REAL ESTATE! It turns out that the money is tied to Deripaska (through an intermediary). McGonigal then flies by for two years under the Barr DOJ, probably thinking Trump would win in 2020 (Damn COVID) and he’s covered.

Charles McGonigal, former special agent in charge of the FBI’s counterintelligence division in New York, leaves court, Monday, Jan. 23, 2023, in New York.

But then a new set of people are in at DOJ, and two years later… he’s arrested. Say it again. Barr had two years right after the guy left the FBI with the cash and didn’t arrest him. Garland, much later, finds the evidence and arrests him. One would think that Trump would love to take down the guy “most investigating him” if he was dirty. But not so.

Trump must make a big deal about this now because it was the guy who investigated him, and the agent turned up dirty. Is that really a good thing for Trump? No. If you’re investigated, and nothing comes of it, you want the investigation to be done by the cleanest, best cop they have. Trump’s “investigator” was in bed with Russia! Trump’s bragging about it! What does that say about the investigation?

Now things get dark. Because Russia is currently in an illegal war, slaughtering innocents, and if Putin and his friend were paying off FBI agents to keep Trump out of trouble, it is imperative for Biden to…

That is where it gets tough. We are having a hard enough time keeping ourselves out of a war with Russia and paying off the head of an investigation into Trump? That sounds a lot like an act of war. There is honor among thieves in the intelligence community, and our guys surely fck with them every bit as much as they do with us. But directly interfering in an investigation of the president? That is on the edge of acceptable, moving toward “an act of war.” And we’re not the ones committing war crimes right now in another war.

Oleg Deripaska has himself been charged with violating U.S. sanctions.
Photo Credit…Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Theoretically, this could be used to bury Putin, which would necessarily bury Trump (so the theory goes), but it would draw us closer and closer to open war. Just as importantly, do you expect the average MAGA to follow the very simple dot-to-dot path above? Pffft.

So Trump is doing the only thing he can do. Mock the FBI and say that the guy investigating him was with Russia… and pray that no one says, “Okay, but if that’s the case… ” He also has to hope that McGonigal doesn’t cut a deal to testify against someone bigger. That seems unlikely. McGonigal is involved with the Russian mob. You don’t cut deals in the U.S. court system that cut deeply into the Russian mob. You can easily find yourself suicided by specialists. The thought of falling 12 stories two years from now would be in the back of his mind.

Of course, there can be surprises that fall out of nowhere in cases like these. As happy as Trump sounds, he is equally terrified. If too much spills into the streets and we find out that not only was our entire investigation into Trump compromised, it was compromised for money, and it was compromised to keep “Russia’s friend” in the Oval Office.

Yeah, it gets pretty dark out if all that were to burst into the open. But I ask you, isn’t that the most “logical” explanation for what happened, big picture? Wouldn’t Trump have been dying to arrest that guy on anything? Yes. Unless he was the one protecting Trump.

It’s a theory.



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