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HE FINALLY ADMITTED IT: Trump Says the U.S. Government Is Worse than Russia

Our Manchurian president and now Manchurian candidate can’t be bothered to hide it anymore. He will freely and openly talk about the United States’s actions to help preserve democracy in Ukraine, along with the help from NATO, as worse than Russia. Russia is, of course, the fascist dictatorship that invaded another country and is responsible for mass graves and indiscriminate shelling of apartment buildings and electric plants. These war crimes and crimes against humanity are meant to impose suffering and death on the Ukrainian people.

There is also the fact that a Russian plane “pushed” one of our drones, a United States drone flying over neutral territory, brought down by a Russian plane. Trump likes this country, the one attacking the United States now:

It is an interesting dynamic now because there are Republicans in the Senate, led by McConnell and Lindsey Graham – along with a dozen or more others, that are pushing President Biden to do more and deliver F-16s, which would be a game changer, allowing the Ukrainians to take the fight to Russia and into Russia.

But Donald Trump believes that the Russians are not our enemy. Our enemy is the United States government. The Manchurian candidate is in the open. NATO is a bit too effective in repelling Russia, and so Trump wants a reevaluation of our relationship with NATO (He was going to pull us out of NATO, according to John Bolton, if he had a second term). He also wants to fire the people in the State Dept, DOD, and Intel Services “so he can put the right people in.”

Guess who the “right people” are? Correct, the ones that favor a more “Russian-flavored government.” Trump is openly talking about fascism again. His CPAC talk referred to 2024 as the “Final Battle,” as if 2028 won’t have an election. If you believe what he’s saying – and he can be remarkably honest when telling you what he wants – there won’t be an election in 2028. He is “obliterating (his word) the U.S. government, sending troops into cities, and all kinds of things that correspond to declaring martial law on January 20th, 2025, if he became president due to “the country going to hell.” He will tear up the Constitution and take all power for himself.

Biden and everyone else who “embarrassed him” will be imprisoned. Am I an alarmist? I don’t think so. Think about how much we underestimated what he said he planned to do in 2016. And this time, there will be no constraints.

So when he speaks like this, we better listen:

Twitter had some thoughts:


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