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Trump Feels the Walls Closing in at Mar-a-Lago and He’s Acting CRAZY on Truth Social

Special Counsel Jack Smith has now subpoenaed more than two dozen employees connected to former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach residence, Mar-a-Lago, Newsweek reports.

The employees will have to testify in front of a special grand jury as part of the ongoing investigation into allegations that Trump mishandled sensitive and top-secret documents and then tried to prevent federal agents from procuring them.

The ex-president continues to deny any wrongdoing and he’s frequently singled out Smith for special attention on Truth Social — kind of in the same way that he keeps singling out Stormy Daniels right now. He can attack Smith all he wants but Trump may well become the first president to be indicted in U.S. history.

So who are some of the staffers who have been subpoenaed? According to CNN, the list includes restaurant workers at the resort and at least one housekeeper.

The current thinking is that some of the employees are of interest to prosecutors because they may have witnessed or heard relevant information while at work, including where they saw boxes containing potentially top-secret materials.

“Subpoenaing workers at Mar-a-Lago in the classified materials investigation tells us that Special Counsel Jack Smith wants to cross corroborate his evidence as to where the documents were at Trump’s Club, who knew where they were, especially Trump, and who had access, especially those unauthorized to them,” said attorney and legal political analyst Andrew Lieb, according to Newsweek.

There’s an interesting point here that some of us may not realize because so many of these people in the everyday workday world blend unobserved into the background. In an appearance on CNN’s OutFront, Ryan Goodman, a former Pentagon Special Counsel noted this, saying Mar-a-Lago staffers may be able to provide crucial information to prosecutors because they were “invisible” to the former president while at work.

“They are the eyes and ears, and they can see things. Or they can know things might even be somewhat rumored, but then they can at least give the investigators leads, so they can tell the investigators who is present in different conversations,” Goodman said.

For other legal experts, the fact that Smith has issued these subpoenas is proof that the investigation into Trump hasn’t stalled.

Questions have been raised as to whether the probe or any decision on whether to indict the ex-president might have been affected by the recent appearance of classified documents inside President Joe Biden’s home, as well as the home of former Vice President Mike Pence.

“So much for all the nonsense about the Special Counsel not taking Trump’s deliberate concealment of top secret government documents seriously in light of Biden’s and Pence’s wholly different mishandling of classified documents,” Laurence Tribe, professor emeritus of constitutional law at Harvard University posted on Twitter, along with CNN’s article about the Mar-a-Lago staff.

And attorney Tristen Snell, a former assistant attorney general for New York state, noted:

“25 Trump staffers subpoenaed in Mar-a-Lago documents case, must appear to testify before federal grand jury. Includes resort staff as well as inner-circle advisors.”

“But sure, go ahead and tell me again how this investigation is ‘stalled’ and that DOJ is dropping it.”

One source familiar with the Mar-a-Lago workers’ subpoenas told CNN: “They’re casting an extremely wide net—anyone and everyone who might have seen it.”

I’m glad Smith is being careful in his investigations, but if people are frustrated and skeptical it’s understandable. This has been going on for well over a year but if it results in indictments for Trump then that will be a happy day indeed.

And the ultimate sign Trump is freaking out, what he posts on Truth Social. He posts photos showing that people love him, he plays the victim, etc. The man is just so transparent:

Trump posted the article about Ron DeSantis eating pudding with his fingers:

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