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Donald Trump’s Own Wealthy Mar-a-Lago Neighbors Call Him a Psycho

It likely drives Trump crazy that the people most loyal to Trump are the same who he would least likely invite to dinner. Moreover, the neighbors that he might once have invited over for a summer barbeque want less and less to do with him, according to the Palm Beach Post:

A Palm Beach Post review of election records and interviews with more than a dozen voters suggests discontent with the 45th president has brewed in country clubs, yoga studios and higher-end neighborhoods where Republican presidential candidates once dominated,” the newspaper reported Wednesday, adding that “even as he trounced Biden in the Sunshine State, Trump’s margins in precincts comfortably won by predecessor Republican nominees either shrank or went underwater.

The more sophisticated and educated one gets…As but one example:

“I am not in love with Biden, but he’s not a psycho,” Lichtman said. “I blame the whole Republican Party. They were perpetuating this lie that led to January 6.

True, and:

Robert Himelfarb, a 67-year-old semi-retired hedge fund manager, said he voted for Trump in 2016 and Mitt Romney in 2012. But in 2020, he voted for Biden, helping to flip his precinct in Mirasol, where houses sell for upward of $2 million and residents have access to a private golf course and country club.

True, it’s only one precinct but it’s probably a very important one to Donald Trump, who has never been fighting for MAGA respect, he’s always wanted the “sophisticated set” to love him.

“I know what a CEO is supposed to do, pull everybody together and get stuff done. … He never tried to get everyone in a room the way (CEO) Al Mulally did at Ford,” Himelfarb added, pointing to “cabinet member after cabinet member” leaving Trump’s administration, and citing “poor leadership.”

That’s because he was never a CEO. As we’ve often said, the Trump Organization itself is a small, 20-30 member team occupying two stories of Trump Tower. Trump was primarily a “brand,” where he would sell his name and rights while others managed the actual property. Rex Tillerson was the CEO and though he had no experience in foreign diplomacy, he did have some experience in getting things done correctly.

Thomas Gritter, a 39-year-old registered Republican and self-described “born-again Christian,” said that when he looks at members of his faith who still support Trump and the GOP, he thinks, “Wow, you guys are insane. You’re … openly racist, openly cynical about everything. And that allows the Democratic Party to be the voice of reason.”

They always were. Always were.

Now, if we can just get another five to ten million more Florida voters to overcome all of DeSantis’s little tricks, we’d be in business. Or, just have more sophisticated snowbirds move.


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