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Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Won’t Stop Making Trouble for Her Mother With Her Newest Anti-Conservative Tirade

Despite whatever Kellyanne Conway thinks of her former boss, her daughter, Claudia Conway understands Donald Trump is vile. She’s disgusted by his “horrifying” social media statement regarding Roe v. Wade being overturned and the 18-year-old has retorted in epic fashion.

A battery of Republican-led states has strictly limited or banned abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last June in its Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling that reversed the landmark 1973 decision that guaranteed women the federal constitutional right to have abortions.

Dobbs v. Jackson argued that the authority to regulate abortion policies should be “returned to the people and their elected representatives.” That’s all well and good for liberal states like California that have more progressive abortion laws but there are backwater states like North Dakota that have completely banned the procedure. These so-called “trigger laws,” granted states the ability to wield the power to issue and regulate their own abortion laws and policies.

What this really did was give these states the power to “issue and regulate” women’s bodies. And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has added to this tragedy by signing the Heartbeat Protection Act [SB 300]. This law prohibits abortion when a heartbeat is detected.

As more and more Republican-led states enact and propose more draconian restrictions and bans on abortion, Trump decided to credit himself for the upheaval (that is undoubtedly harming many women) in a post he shared on his Truth Social platform.

His post is typically disgusting.

“After 50 years of failure, with nobody coming even close, I was able to kill Roe v. Wade, much to the ‘shock’ of everyone,” he wrote Wednesday. Trump went on to write that he “for the first time put the Pro Life [sic] movement in a strong negotiating position over the Radicals that are willing to kill babies even into their 9th, and beyond.”

“Without me there would be no 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks, or whatever is finally agreed to,” the former president continued. “Without me the pro Life [sic] would have just kept losing. Thank you President TRUMP!!!”

So it is no wonder that young Claudia Conway found this disgusting. Sharing a screenshot, she lambasted Trump.

“Now this—this is horrifying,” she wrote. “How we have gone backwards in time letting irrational, conservative men dictate our individual bodily autonomy is beyond me. less than 1% of abortions are done in the third trimester— usually for the mother’s health or lack of the fetus’ viability.”

In another tweet, she added:

“One in three women learn that they are pregnant after 6 weeks. In a handful of states (24 states have bans in place/pending), these women cannot get an abortion. enough. ‘Pro-life is NOT pro-life.”

Claudia’s tweets drew messages of support but there were detractors as well. And she addressed her detractors in her usual forthright fashion.

“i would love for one of you conservative f**ks in my comments to debate me on reproductive rights and healthcare instead of commenting GIFs calling me a b**ch.”

And one post that she’s pinned to her Twitter feed addresses serious issues that have affected children for years.

“Pro-life should mean that American children are safe from AR-15s in their classrooms, that the 319,000 children in foster care are cared for, that LGBT+ youth are given the resources they need, that kids aren’t kept in CAGES at the border, that BIPOC are protected, etc.”

Claudia Conway’s outrage over Trump’s comments is justifiable. If the U.S. should ever completely ban abortion, the results would be catastrophic for women, The Center for American Progress reports the following statistics:

  • Researchers have discovered that if abortion is banned nationwide, the overall number of maternal deaths would increase by 24 percent. The number rises much higher for Black women, whose deaths would rise by 39 percent.
  • The states with the highest expected increases in maternal deaths are the ones you’d expect: Florida (29 percent), Georgia (29 percent), and Michigan (25 percent.)
  • The situation for states like New Mexico—which lie along states hostile to abortion and currently serve as a haven for care, would be disastrous. It’s projected these states would see a 25 percent increase in their maternal deaths if a nationwide ban is implemented.

Fortunately, abortion is still legal in many states, but if Republicans have their way that may end. Young women like Claudia Conway have every right to be upset.

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