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Kimberly Guilfoyle Outright Threatens Ron DeSantis Not to Run Against Trump, ‘You Are Going to Get Hurt!’

Kimberly Guilfoyle best check herself a bit.

Kim lives in Florida (presuming she lives with Junior,) and even if Trump is currently ahead of DeSantis by 40 points she still lives in Florida, and Florida is its own little world.

It is a world run by Ron DeSantis, and Ron DeSantis is so ruthless that DeSantis makes Trump look like Santa. Ron punishes enemies in ways that Trump… well, let’s say that if I were an enemy of either of them, I wouldn’t get into a helicopter owned or chartered by either of them.

But Ron DeSantis can do things to Kim… Well, I don’t think Ron’s above doing bad things, or setting people up to look bad, if you know what I mean. I’m not making an accusation; I’m just saying. I would watch my step in Florida… and I do, every time I fly out of Pensacola, the nearest airport to me.

Kimberly should not be making threats that can almost be considered criminal. And yet she did, and the result might be as ugly as Kim’s botched…

From The Independent:

Ms Guilfoyle, who was previously married to California governor and Democrat Gavin Newsom, made the comments on Newsmax TV’s America Right Now.

“You’re gonna run against Donald Trump, you are going to get hurt and damaged badly,” said Ms Guilfoyle, who lives in Florida with Donald Trump, Jr. “That is the problem. So by the time Trump is done – we saw this before, 16 people, one after the next, fell off the stage – you’re gonna end up in the junkyard, and you’re not gonna be in good shape for 2028.

Okay, Kim.

But when you are pulled over by the police with a breathalyzer pre-set to 0.32, a loaded 9mm between your legs, and two pounds of cocaine planted in the backseat, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Oh, and don’t accept any free “helicopter tours” over the Everglades.


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