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Serious Questions Surround Highly Disturbing 911 Call Made by Boebert’s Teenage Son — Major COVER UP

Lauren Boebert is a joke. But this is no joke.

A story that starts out with a minor boy crying, breathing heavily, and scared enough to call 911 ends with it all being the boy’s fault, and he’s the one who caused everything. Everyone else is innocent.

Something isn’t right, according to The Insider.

Last winter, Rep. Lauren Boebert’s son (a minor, name withheld) called 911. He stated that his father, Jayson Boebert, had gotten physical.  Boebert’s son said Jayson Boebert was “throwing” him around the house.

And that he didn’t know why.

Obviously, 911 dispatched an officer immediately.

Except, before the officer arrived (Remember, this is the rural west, so it could have been some time), the boy called back and said he was fine and didn’t need help. But in the middle of the call, Boebert takes the phone away and says her son doesn’t need help.

That’s bad. But The Insider obtained.d the actual phone call, and when one reads the words and the description, things get much darker.

The story starts with Boebert’s son calling at about 6:45 p.m. while crying and gasping for breath.

The 911 operator did as trained and first asked if he was in physical danger.

The boy answered, crying, “Yes, he was throwing me around.”

“He called me a psycho when he’s the….”

His voice faded off.

It was at that point that 911 sent an officer immediately and then asked if there were weapons in the house.

Of course, there are, but that wasn’t the boy’s worry – and this is heartbreaking:

Crying, the boy said, “I mean, there are weapons in the house, yeah, but I don’t think he’d use them on me. He just does this to me so much.”

Unprompted, the story got weirder as the boy said, “I’m in the driveway, but my mom’s staying down at the farmhouse because there’s problems with them. I’m going down there where he can’t get to me.”

One’s mind can see an officer already speeding to the scene, knowing the family, perhaps knowing the husband’s rumored abuse.

About five minutes later, the boy calls 911 with a woman yelling in the background.

“All I wanted to say is me and my dad were starting to yell. He didn’t really get physical with me.”

And that’s the last we hear from the boy because mom, Lauren Boebert grabbed the phone and said,

“Hi, I’m the mom.”

“OK. There was an argument over dinner. I understand you guys got to come and talk to them.”

Yes, the police absolutely did need to talk to them, and this is where it gets even weirder. Remember that crying boy, “He just does this to me so much…”

Yeah – that boy, it turns out it was all his fault, or at least that’s what’s in the police report.

Boebert admitted she was down at the farmhouse.

Jayson Boebert, her husband, admitted there was a verbal argument with his son and told him to go to the farmhouse to be with his mom.

But that completely contradicts what the boy said – crying, breathless, in the driveway. HE said would go to the farmhouse, “where he can’t get to me.”

Jayson Boebert added that he didn’t hurt the boy, but “maybe the door touched his butt on the way out.”

The officer who was taking the boy’s statement with mom standing right there suddenly says that HE “started yelling at his dad first, and his dad didn’t hurt him or get physical.”

So. Wait.

The Insider has the tapes and is a reputable media site. They describe an extremely emotional and scared boy saying his dad was throwing him around the house and “does this to me so much.”

And yet, in the police report, it’s all the boy’s fault? That’s the exact opposite of what the phone call and – the evidence we have, the words, indicated.

I guess when you’re a politician it’s best to put your political interests ahead of your son’s health and – not to mention, his legal rights. Like the right not to get beaten by Dad.

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