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MTG Will Soon Regret Showing Off Hunter Biden’s Nudes as Melania Trump Just Became Involved and She’s Not Going to Be Happy

As you surely know by now, yesterday during a Republican-led oversight committee hearing regarding IRS whistleblowers connected to an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene showed explicit photos of the president’s son on posters. Posters than us taxpayers paid for. Like actually p*rnography was shown on the House floor. This is today’s Republican Party.

This nasty cavetrick with 3 toes held up a series of posters with images of Hunter Biden naked and photos of him engaging in sexual acts at the Congressional hearing on Wednesday.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is literally showing dick pics at our Oversight Hearing,” disgusted California congressman Robert Garcia tweeted.

Journalist Aaron Rupar angrily tweeted, “Marjorie Taylor Greene is currently brandishing Hunter Biden nudes during a House hearing. I’m not going to post it. Disgusting. Your taxpayer dollars paid for Marjorie Taylor Greene to print Hunter Biden nudes on poster board so she could pull this stunt during a House hearing.”

The Lincoln Project tweeted: “The GOP is getting teachers fired for teaching sex ed while the GOP shows porn on the House floor.”

Of course a MAGA had to jump in to defend Marj, with Florida Republican Byron Donalds saying “According to @RepRaskin & @danielsgoldman, the explicit images of Hunter Biden presented by @RepMTG are TOO RACY for the Oversight Committee & demanded they go away. These are the same Democrats that want this material IN OUR KIDS’ SCHOOLS. Please spare me the outrage.”

Here is the video if you care to watch it. It’s disgusting. But it is news so I’ll give you the choice to watch.

Well, MTG’s little stunt is starting to backfire. After all, if Marj and her fellow Republican are AOK with people sharing nudes of people without their consent, nudes taken at a time earlier in their life when they were different people, it must be okay to do to everyone? Including former First Lady Melania Trump, who has quite a few nudes of herself floating out there on the inter webs.

Now, Melania stays very in tune with what people are saying about her. If she’s trending on Twitter, she finds out why. If people are spreading rumors, she usually puts out a statement. And what she is trending for now, surely will NOT make her happy.

Take a look, and remember, I don’t think this will make MTG very popular with Melania, which in turn, will make her very unpopular with Donald Trump:


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