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Republicans Are FURIOUS That Biden Is Selling Unused Parts of Trump’s Border Wall for Millions

I can hear the world's tiniest violin.

The linchpin of Trump’s 2016 campaign, the legendary border wall, came far from completion. That wasn’t hard to guess ahead of time, honestly. We ARE talking about Trump, the father of empty promises, after all.

And when Mexico didn’t pony up and “pay for it,” as Trump promised he was going to make them do, he was left with about 450 miles of some new construction, but mostly repairs to the barriers that were already there.  Only about 80 miles of what happened under Trump was built where nothing existed before. The border is nearly 2,000 miles long.

But it was the symbolism of the wall for Trump and the Republicans. So when it surfaced that Joe Biden has been selling unused parts from the construction, they lost their minds. So far, he’s raked in — for the United States — nearly half a billion dollars from the sale of square structural tubes left over from Trump’s folly, according to Newsweek.

Biden, who always held that a border wall was not a feasible or serious solution to immigration issues, stopped construction immediately upon becoming president.

News of the sales, which also included bollard panels and other materials, drew Republicans’ anger. They have been blaming a recent influx of immigrants on Biden’s somewhat-softened border policies. In reality, economic and social factors in the home countries of immigrants play the largest role.

And where else would Republicans go to voice their displeasure than social media:

Mr. Fox & Friends finds what Biden is doing “sickening”:

But Republicans can get as mad as they want. And they can start back from square one trying to convince Americans that a racist border wall designed to keep people off land they once owned is somehow a good idea.

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