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Americans Disgusted After Trump Says ‘Oh My God’ as He Signs Very Young Woman’s Chest In a Bar

Come on, Donnie.

Somehow the fact that this happened in Iowa makes it even funnier to me. At a campaign stop there on Wednesday, Donald Trump was handing out slices of pizza to fans, trying to be the “everyman,” when a genius idea struck him.

In the video footage below, you can see Trump unleash his inner rock star, tapping a waitress to get her attention. She turns around, and he’s so pleased that he fist-pumps the air in that weird creepy old man way that he does.

The former leader of the free world then whips out an indelible marker and signs the woman’s chest.

You read that right. The 45th President of the United States took time away from gladhanding voters to make his inner 12-year-old’s dream come true. Honestly, I’m a little surprised he didn’t give her a little honk

This was the first of five planned visits to Iowa during his fall effort to lock down the all-important state. So he found himself at the Treehouse Pub, surrounded by adoring fans and apparently breasts.

“Oh my God,” Trump can be heard saying as he’s forced to reach into her tank top with his left hand to hold the shirt straight while he signed. I’m sure Melania will be thrilled when she sees this video.

It wasn’t unwanted contact or anything — the woman was deliriously happy about it. “We’re so honored to have you here, thank you so much. We love you. My dad’s your number one fan and we all are,” she told the felon-to-be. Make sure you listen around the 14 second mark. Freaking pig.

Responses were swift:

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