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Jealous Trump Doesn’t ‘Get Along’ or ‘Communicate’ With Son Barron and Is ‘Effectively Not at All a Part of His Life’

Imagine a man so insecure that he needs to wear lifts (or that is the theory), imagine all the other things we’ve heard about over the years, the insecurities that most grow out of at the age of four or five. No one is allowed to be “bigger” in his presence, no one is allowed to joke with him. He has to have his Diet Cokes served a certain way. Now try to imagine having those insecurities hammered because the son he barely knows is 3-4 inches taller than him. Yes, according to Michael Wolff, Donald Trump is jealous that his son is so much taller than him.

Think about it…when was the last time you saw Barron Trump with his father? There was Ivana Trump’s funeral a year ago, but Barron was never next to his father, and is always standing next to his mother. God forbid Trump has photos taken when his son towers over him. Eric Trump is also taller than his father, but at 6’4″, it’s not as noticeable. Luckily Don Jr. is just 6’1″ (which is tall) but not as tall as dear ol’ Dad.

Seriously, it’s been almost three years since Trump left the White House and there are no photos of Trump and his youngest son being together as father and son. They have no relationship. It could be because Barron only speaks Slovenian with Melania and Melania’s parents and that could be odd for Donald Trump who only speaks English. But it’s also probably because Trump just doesn’t like children, even his own. Not until they can do something for him, like work for the business.

But Wolff wrote about the jealousy four years ago in his book Siege: Trump Under Fire, and the quotes come from his interview with Lawrence O’Donnell at a point and time when Barron was barely taller than him! Now, Barron, the son he hardly knows – according to Wolff, is shooting up above him. Barron is now 6’8″ tall which is TALL.

Barron Trump, from right, Melania Trump, and Donald Trump stand in front of the White House during the Republican National Convention on Aug. 27, 2020. And surely this photo was arranged so Barron wasn’t in between his parents, as that would showcase just how tall Barron is compared to his father.
Photographer: Erin Scott/Polaris/Bloomberg

Keep in mind, of all the writers that have come out with Trump books, Wolff is probably seen as the least trustworthy. This is no Bob Woodward. But Trump trusted him enough to give him private interviews and revealed quite a bit of information. You know how once you get Trump talking, especially about himself, he just doesn’t want to stop. But this is what Wolff had to report to Lawrence O’Donnell:

“I think there are many issues. But this is a major issue because he really doesn’t — he doesn’t get along with his son [Barron], he doesn’t communicate with his son, he doesn’t — his son is effectively not at all a part of his life, even though he lives with him.”

How sad is that statement? It’s heartbreaking. Yes, money makes up for a lot, but having a Dad that doesn’t even care about you? Ugh. Then O’Donnell said:

“You also report the incredibly peculiar detail that Donald Trump is reportedly jealous of his son’s height because at 12 years old he’s apparently growing up.”

He’s was 14-15 at this point when the interview was, and he’s at least 3-4 inches taller than Trump at this point. They will probably never be pictured together again… were they before? Barron is now 18 and you never see them together, especially since Barron is an NBA 6’8″ tall.

“He’s jealous of everyone’s height. He never lets himself be in a photograph with someone taller than he is. Height is his — is one of his techniques. He uses his height — and, remember, Donald Trump is a very large man.”

Perhaps that’s why Trump is often seen sitting in pictures. Does anyone else sit with guests for pictures? We doubt it, perhaps he’s trying to avoid having to take pictures with taller people.

According to the interview, Trump never needed a reason to avoid Barron, they barely talk, not liking each other and that has to be related to something deeper with Melania. Or even his last two wives, since Tiffany also barely seems to exist. So, the kid that he likes the least will be doing the most to bother him with his height.


I’ve set the below interview to the portion where Wolff speaks about Barron, but the entire interview is worth watching. It’s old, but Trump could very well be president again and we need to remember what a monster this man is.

YouTube video


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