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Watch a Sniffing Trump Repeatedly Get James Comer’s Name Wrong…Is He Going Senile?

Donald Trump is showing increasing signs that he’s in the midst of mental decline, with the latest example being his repeatedly getting the name of House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) during an interview.

He muffed Comer’s name at least twice while talking about the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, according to PoliticusUSA.

“I think, look, you look at the terrible things that have been happening with respect to Biden. Look at everything: Jamie Comer and Jim Jordan are fantastic and very legitimate people. I watched Jamie Comer just a little while talking about a lot of different facets of what’s going on, and he was the one that said, ‘I guess there were — there were 12 things where it looks like it’s stone-cold guilty, and the gun charge is only one of the 12,’ He said ‘This is the only one that doesn’t implicate Joe Biden.”

Politicus’s Sarah Reese Jones discusses Trump’s mental state in a couple of posts on X.

“Trump gets James Comer’s name wrong numerous times, as he continually calls him Jamie,” she notes. “This is the third time in three days that Trump has displayed a lack of mental fitness for the presidency.”

She also mentions Jake Tapper’s interview with Mike Pence, who asked the former vice president about Trump’s mental state.

“When confronted with evidence of Trump’s failing mind, Mike Pence replies, ‘We don’t need a president who is too old, and we don’t need a president who is too young.”

“So in this scenario, Pence is Goldilocks?”


So in other words, Pence did what he always does: Give a non-answer. I think most of us know he’s renowned for this.

This clip, from Mark Sington, formerly of NBC also demonstrates Trump’s decline.

The media continually raises questions about Joe Biden’s age and mental sharpness, while Trump is out there making confusing claims that he beat former President Barack Obama in 2016 and that Joe Biden is going to start World War II. So hopefully, this will encourage the media to shift their attention from Biden to Trump.

As PoliticusUSA concludes:

“Besides being accused of 91 felonies, Trump is revealing each day that he is not mentally fit enough to be president. If the media is going to continue to make President Biden’s age an issue, they need to do the same with Donald Trump, because it could be argued that Trump is showing even more drastic signs of cognitive decline.”

And this is true. Trump has been showing he’s mentally unfit for the job ever since he issued his embarrassing “windmills cause cancer” comment. I’m sorry, but you have to be one paddle short of a canoe to believe something like this.

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