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Letitia James Has Found an Amazing Way to Drive Trump CRAZY, and it’s Working Perfectly

There are only a couple of things that even matter to Donald Trump in the whole entire world. He likes to make money. He likes to be surrounded by beautiful women.

And he likes to be the winner.

It doesn’t really matter the situation. It can be in a debate, or a real estate deal, or even global diplomacy, where everyone is supposed to win. He just wants to look like he came out on top, no matter what.

But an awfully good sign that you’re losing is if your adversary is smiling all the time — smiling is for winners, right? And boy, does he hate it that New York Attorney General Letitia James smiles so much.

To him, it can’t be that she has a good attitude or is simply happy. No, she must be smirking at the fact that things are going her way in the ongoing civil fraud case she brought against him.

Over on his Truth Social, Trump was incensed after a picture of James went viral the day his oldest son was testifying for the second time.

“Racist A.G. Letitia James is smirking all day long from her seat in Court. You have a (Trump Hating!) Attorney General who’s seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages when not a single penny was lost by these banks, and that’s part of this (Unconstitutional!) Law. You can see from the reaction of A.G. James, every morning from that seat, that she is enjoying this, enjoying it a bit too much.”

If I’m being honest, I’d be enjoying it too. James has already gotten a partial summary judgment against Trump and his sons finding them liable for fraud. Now she’s bringing the hammer down, and the Trumps are flailing as she routinely makes them look like idiots.

New York Attorney General Letitia James sits in the courtroom during the fraud trial of former President Donald Trump and his children on Friday, Nov. 03. (Dave Sanders-Pool/Getty Images)

Now, we did write about her expression going viral a few days ago, because it was so starkly contrasted with Don Jr’s look of being sick to his stomach. But if I’m being honest, I imagine James has that look on her face when her head hits the pillow every night.


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