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Capitol Rioters Whining Because Flying Is a ‘Huge Problem’ for Them Now That They’re on TSA Watchlist

Capitol rioters are complaining about the difficulties they face when traveling by air since they have faced law enforcement scrutiny, according to new details. A statement from the Department of Justice (DOJ), roughly 1,070 alleged Capitol rioters have been arrested since the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, Newsweek reports. Supporters of ex-president Donald Trump overran the U.S. Capitol building to disrupt the certification of Trump’s 2020 election loss to Joe Biden. Some have also been accused of having violent intentions.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like when you almost destroy democracy and several innocent people die as a result, perhaps you SHOULD have problems. I have exactly ZERO empathy for these people. I hope they trip at the top of the stairs, get splinters, and get glares from other people when they find out what happened on that terrible day.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the DOJ statement, which also reports that 335 people have been sentenced to prison time, while 119 have been sentenced to house arrest. But the winner of the stiffest sentence that’s been levied so far, is former Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio, who was hit with 22 years in prison for seditious conspiracy for his participation in mobilizing his followers on that day.

CBS News journalist Scott McFarlane, who has extensively covered the Capitol riot trials, posted on X that many of the defendants have complained about difficulties while flying. In the post, he also included a letter from defendant James Rahm III, who asked for leniency in his sentence and said he’d had trouble with airport security. Rahm claimed he had been put on a “terrorist watchlist” of some sort.

“I also believe I am on a terrorist watchlist, because flying has become a huge problem,” Rahm wrote. “Airlines refuse to allow me to check in or board. After waiting about 1-2 hours standing at a desk, I am finally issued a boarding pass. Then TSA [Transportation Security Administration] takes me for a personal screening which is intense, uncomfortable, intrusive, and lengthy. TSA sets up an additional security check at the gate. They empty all my belongings, while the other passengers wait to board. This has happened the last 4 times I have flown. This treatment is extremely inconvenient and embarrassing for me and for my girlfriend, who suffers the same treatment, just for flying with me.”

He added:

“The stigma has affected personal relationships. Some neighbors no longer speak with me. Some friends have exited my life. To this day I receive anonymous calls and hate mail at my home…”

I know it’s difficult to differentiate one Capitol rioter from another, but James Rahm III was known mostly for attending the riot with his father, James Rahm Jr. The senior Rahm was the nice fella who bragged about urinating in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Because he’s classy like that.

Rahm’s comments mirror concerns among other Capitol riot defendants. This includes 35-year-old alleged rioter Patrick Stedman, who requested leniency from the court last September. He cited similar concerns about “a lasting stigma” and “potentially being on a no-fly list as have many persons charged based on conduct.” Stedman wound up being sentenced to four years in prison and three years of supervised release.

Patrick Stedman is a Capitol rioter who considers himself a “Dating & Relationship Coach for Men”. L-O-L. Have fun explaining to your woman why you have to wait 6 hours in that small TSA room, pal.

Following the Capitol riot, TSA Administrator David Pekoske confirmed his agency was investigating individuals believed to have taken part in the riot to form a possible no-fly list. The idea has also been supported by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Frankly, I don’t blame the TSA for taking a tougher stance with these people because of what they did. The folks who work security at airports have no idea whether these people will try something dangerous or not. They have no way of knowing unless they really scrutinize Capitol rioters. I assume that most wouldn’t do anything radical, but those who are now doing time for their actions on January 6 are domestic terrorists.

Terrorists from other countries aren’t given any sort of leniency when they are caught, so why should these people be special? People died as a result of their actions and they terrorized legislators who were trapped inside.

All for a man who would look down his nose at these people if he ever met them. A man who could not handle the fact that he lost the 2020 presidential election. If he’d cared one whit about these people he’d been in their corner helping out however he could. So I hope these folks have figured out that Trump is not authentic.

These fools ruined their lives for a man who thought it would be good if they hung Mike Pence, who was merely doing his job.

So if they get hassled at airports I say, hallelujah! It’s exactly what they deserve.

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