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The Law School Alina Habba Attended is FURIOUS That She Is Destroying Their Reputation

Lawyer Alina Habba has earned a reputation for being brash, and frankly, bossy. This is her time to shine and you’d think that her alma mater, Widener University Commonwealth Law School would be proclaiming the finer points of one of its most notable alumni. Habba graduated in 2010 and she has been representing Donald Trump, who’s beating all comers in this year’s contest to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. And since he’s enjoying so much legal fun lately, it means Habba is continually in the spotlight, especially on television and social media.

But nope. That’s not what Widener Commonwealth (which incidentally ranks in the bottom 20 percent of law schools, according to U.S. News & World Report)  has been largely silent regarding Habba. Deans, professors, and alumni at the little-known private institution based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who were contacted by Raw Story remained largely silent about their suddenly famous graduate.

But that’s not all. Habba isn’t mentioned anywhere in the “alumni spotlight” of Widener Commonwealth’s website, and no one has written stories about her in the “alumni news” section. The only place you can see her is on page 35 of Volume 17, Number 2 of the Widener University School of Law Magazine, in the 2010 edition. In one photo, we see Habba, who was the student co-chair of the Class of 2010 gift committee, seated and holding a basketball. This was part of “sports equipment and a shed to house it” that her class had donated to the school.

The bottom of page 35 of the Widener University School of Law Magazine from Fall 2010 contains the only mention of Alina Habba on the Widener University Commonwealth Law School’s website. Source: Widener University School of Law Magazine/Raw Story

Zoom ahead 13 years and we see Habba creating quite a mess for herself and her former president client. She’s been hugely excoriated for her incompetence and apparent ignorance about really basic aspects of courtroom protocol and procedure. Her flaws became hugely apparent during this week’s federal case to determine damages owed to writer E.Jean Carroll after Trump defamed her. He had been previously found liable by a federal civil jury for sexually abusing and defaming Carroll.

And don’t think folks on social media haven’t noticed.

“Alina Habba has single-handedly devalued a law degree from Widener University.” — Eric Rosen (@rosen1)

And I don’t know if Habba did this out of ignorance or pure orneriness but she failed to stand when addressing U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, which of course led to him rebuking her. She also talked back to him and didn’t understand how to enter something into evidence. Kaplan practically had to instruct her step by step as the trial proceeded.

“The judge is spoon-feeding her information the same way you would help a law student in a mock trial. Embarrassing,” said a post on X.

Another post added: “Roaring with laughter at Habba’s incompetence. I bet the evidence professors at Widener are now nervously looking at their rosters to see if she was someone they taught.”

Yep. That’s pretty embarrassing. And Raw Story looked all over the place to find someone who would talk about Habba. The outlet questioned seven former students but only two responded, with one person saying “no comment.” The one former student who decided to comment asked to do so anonymously because of employer-client relations.

“she was very different in law school,” the person said. “If anything, she was left-leaning.”

“If you had asked me in law school to create a list of classmates that would end up being legal counsel for the president of the United States, Alina Habba would not have been in my top 10. But then again, if you had asked me to create a list of future presidents, Donald Trump would not have been on that list either. Crazy things happen,” the person said.

That may be the understatement of the year. Raw Story even reached out to the current Dean and an incoming law school Dean. They didn’t say anything either.

So what does that tell you about Habba?

Oh, and let’s not forget that during a podcast interview earlier this month, Habba said “Somebody said to me, ‘Alina, would you rather be smart or pretty?’ And I said, Oh, easy pretty. You can fake being smart.”

I disagree with that because nothing she’s said indicates she’s smart, faking it or otherwise. Folks on social media seemed to agree.

Some predicted Saturday Night Live would do a sketch on Habba. Another poster on X — referring to the movie My Cousin Vinny, about a lawyer with no courtroom experience — wrote, Habba makes My Cousin Vinny look like Clarence Darrow.”

I have to agree. And if you haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it. You’ll find it’s worth your time because it’s one of the funniest movies ever.

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