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You Will Never Guess What the House GOP Just Wasted $40K on as We Approach a Government Shutdown

Because of course they did.

Remember all those stories of golden toilet seats and $5,000 wrenches — the stuff that conservatives used to dream up because they hated government spending?

Looks like it was true, but they’re the ones doing it.

The Republican-led House of Representatives just passed legislation to spend $40,000 to go from green lapel pins to navy blue ones. And while a couple of lawmakers complained that the new pin was too small to put on the larger chains they’re used to, most just didn’t like the green one.

Illinois Democrat Sean Casten had a couple of pretty snarky tweets about the new pins:

Later, when Casten was interviewed by Huffington Post, he told them, “I’m awfully proud of these guys for getting something done. When we have a war in Ukraine that we can’t get funding for, a crisis in Israel and Gaza, and a government shutdown eight days away, and we’re prioritizing the color of fashion choices, that speaks for itself.”

The thing is, the lapel pin changes every two years anyway. Each new Congress has an opportunity to pick a new one, and that one is theirs. Then, when every seat is up for election in two years, the next Congress picks theirs.

The 118th just felt like doing it in the middle of their session, as well. You know, since they’re not doing much else. Seriously.

Oh, did we mention there’s a government shutdown coming in 6 days? Without a spending deal by the 19th, 20% of government funding is set to expire, with the rest set to expire in early February.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson said at a press conference, “We are getting our next steps together, and we are working toward a robust appropriations process. So stay tuned for all that.”

I meantime, I guess… Enjoy your new pins.

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