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Rioter Responsible for Breaking Pelosi’s Speaker Sign Arrested, ‘I Was Screaming 1776, I Just Kinda Broke it in Half, It Felt So Good’

Oh, they're all going down.

A 34-year-old man from Oregon is the federal authorities’ latest arrest in connection with the events of January 6, 2021, at our nation’s Capitol.

David Anthony Medina was hit with the felony charge that most of the rioters have been hit with: Obstruction of an official proceeding. He’s also been charged with a number of misdemeanors, just like the others.

Officials say they have video footage of Medina slamming a wooden sign down in a hallway outside former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Medina provided the evidence himself, authorities say, and according to the Law & Crime blog, shows him in a second scene “Stand[ing] next to rioters holding a shattered wooden sign with partial lettering visible, spelling ‘of the House’ on the top line and ‘Nancy P’ on the lower line.”

In the video, a final scene shows Medina facing the camera and saying “We were normal, good, law-abiding citizens, and you guys [the government] did this to us. We want our country back.”

You can see Medina in the background, with the dark brown high-top hair.

In yet another video of an interview with the feds, Medina says:

“So as these guys break into the Capitol, obviously the doors are wide open. I walk in and I am screaming 1776, cause it’s powerful man. It’s a powerful move, a powerful time.

[W]e weren’t, you know, breaking windows, we weren’t breaking stuff. Ummm, I know someone had torn down Speaker Pelosi’s wooden sign above her door, and there was like fragments of it like on the ground and I just took a piece and I just kinda broke it in half. It felt so good.

[D]id it go too far? Yes, there were a select few that took it too far. I went in there mainly to document. When I was in there, I had the flag, that a lot of people encouraged me to take. I just didn’t feel right taking that, it just felt like stealing to me, which it is. But I did wave it because it felt like a patriotic moment. This is our time. I didn’t understand the extent of the damage when I was waving the flag.”

I wonder if Mr. Medina understands the damage now that he’s facing prison time like the rest of the MAGA idiots in the insurrection.

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