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Rioting Couple Who Bragged That They Were the ‘First Group to Storm the Capitol’ Convicted of Multiple Felonies

One couple who was seen smiling while participating in the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol building and bragged that they were “the first group to storm the Capitol,” may soon have plenty of time to consider why their actions were horribly, horribly wrong. The Texas-based couple, Mark Middleton, 55, and his wife Jalise Middleton, 54, who also bragged they “fought cops,” during the riot, were found guilty of numerous felony and misdemeanor offenses, including assaulting police officers, civil disorder, and obstruction of an official proceeding, authorities said in a press release, according to Law & Crime..

I’m guessing it was pretty easy to spot Mark Middleton among the madding crowd. He wore a red, white, and blue “Trump” beanie hat, red and white scarf, jacket, blue jeans, red and white Nikes, and a gray backpack that bore a red logo on the back. Mark Middleton shoved himself up against barricades and the police line, leaning in with his body, according to authorities.

Officers ordered him and others to “Get back!” but Middleton screamed back “f*ck you!” and continued pushing against the barricades. Then he grabbed an officer’s hand, pulling him toward the crowd as Jalise Middleton, wearing a red, white, and blue “Trump 2020” beanie (because apparently creativity and imagination aren’t this couple’s strong suit) — kept grabbing the officer and striking him with her hand. She also struck another officer who came over to help his colleague, according to authorities.

Officials also said that while the couple was committing their crimes, Mark Middleton bragged on Facebook “We are on the front lines.”

“We helped push down the barriers. Jalise and I got pepper sprayed, clubbed, and tear-gassed. We had to retreat, but more patriots pushed forward, and they’re taking back our house. They’ve got the giant flag up on the upper terrace up there. No more fooling around! Jalise and I gotta go back to the hotel and try to recoup and change, get dry clothes on. Make America great again! Freedom!” Middleton boasted.

Jalise Middleton was also in brag mode on Facebook admitting in comments that she and her husband “fought cops,” were “on the front lines,” and wound up getting “bruised and pepper sprayed.”

These two continued to fight and strike at officers, even to the point of trying to pull another officer into the crowd as flags were jabbed toward the officers’ faces, authorities say. When officers sprayed mace into the crowd the couple retreated, later posting in social media messages and touting their “key role in helping to breach the barricades by fighting officers.”

“Patriots busted through barrierers [sic] to get in Capital [sic]. Best I know there was no ‘looting or rioting,’” Jalise Middleton said later in the evening of Jan. 6, officials said. “We just sent a warning that we are serious.”

“Patriots don’t stoop low like Antifa,” she went on. She remained fixated with Antifa, the next day, on Jan. 7: “Patriots surged, just to show strength, Antifa went in to make ya look bad.”

The couple was arrested on April 21, 2021, in Forestburg, Texas, after the FBI was tipped off about the couple by people who’d seen their Facebook posts. This included one person who was described in court documents as the parent of a girl who was acquainted with Jalise Middleton.

The couple is scheduled to be sentenced on June 12. It couldn’t happen to a nicer pair of obsequious fools. To think that these people actually believe that Trump actually appreciates them is hilarious really. He likes to call the insurrectionists “hostages,” but they have an idiot’s chance in hell of ever being invited to Mar-a-Lago.

To quote my mom: “He wouldn’t p*ss on them if they were on fire.”

She wasn’t wrong.

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