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The Most Horrifying Photo Ever Taken of Trump Is So Bad That Even Snopes Had to Get Involved to Prove It’s Real

At this point, the entire world is used to the juxtaposition between how good Donald Trump thinks he looks, and what he actually looks like. It was pretty clear early on into the combover days that nobody’s been able to tell him to get a better mirror in years.

But the photo that got snapped at a campaign event in New Hampshire on the day of the primary will cause you actual eye pain. I promise you, you are not ready for this.

And the thing is, HE IS MARRIED TO A “SUPERMODEL”. A woman who spent her career (haha) in the fashion industry, with much of that time in a chair having makeup applied. Melania knows makeup. In fact, show me ONE photo where Melania’s face doesn’t look impeccable. Yes, she is much younger than Donald, and her skin is obviously very nice and taken care of, unlike Donald who we assume has red blotchy skin, large pores and various small marks and scars. But Melania knows makeup. Why doesn’t she ever tell him he looks like a damn fool?

“Dahnold, why you wear orange makeup that make you look like clown? And not funny clown haha but scary clown? Orange look went away in 1970s when Coppertone stop selling QT tan lotion. Why you not wear color that make you not look like fool?”

See, how hard is that? All I can guess is she gets some sick enjoyment out of it. I wonder if she hands him a makeup wipe before they have sexy time? LOL, just kidding, they don’t have sexy time anymore. And why doesn’t Ivanka say anything? Or any of the women in his family? Are they all THAT scared of him?

Now, the photo you are about to see is so bad, that Snopes actually had to do an article about it, because it was so hideous, people on the right accused people on the left of photoshopping it. Nope, sorry MAGA weirdos, it’s real.

Snopes wrote, “The photograph, credited to Agence France-Presse (AFP) on the Getty Images image-licensing website, was taken by photojournalist Tannen Maury. Snopes contacted Maury via Messenger to ask if the picture had been altered prior to being submitted for licensing. He responded, “The picture is authentic. I took it on assignment for AFP.”

At least, however, the anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project was able to make a fun little game of it on social media. Maybe we can laugh instead of cry as we join them in “naming that foundation”:

My first thought was “Pterodactyl Wing,” but the rest of X was much funnier than me.

As you can see, there are plenty of angles here, but there seems to be a theme. Especially that last one from Tara Dublin. If you have the nerve, you can click here (SERIOUS TRIGGER WARNING) and see why she would use that word specifically.

This picture surfacing comes at a particularly hard time for Trump. It’s not just the felony indictments or the sexual assault and defamation lawsuit he just lost. It’s also that he’s getting to a low point in his popularity.

He really did think that no matter what happened to him in the courts, he would still be the king of the world.

But although he’s won the first two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, those wins came with caveats. Over in Iowa, 43 percent of those polled who intended to vote for Nikki Haley said they would vote for Biden if it came down to a rematch between Biden and Trump.

And in New Hampshire, Haley won 60 percent of undeclared voters to Trump’s mere 38 percent.

With crowds getting smaller and wins where he just ekes by, Trump can’t afford any more embarrassment.


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