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Trump Hits All Time Low — Posts Newsweek Article But Alters It and REMOVES All Negative Content About Him

Imagine if you could just make the news say what you wanted.

Donald Trump has been using his social media platform, Truth Social, to post propaganda since day one. That was expected by everyone who lives in the real world.

But usually for Trump, or really any politician, propaganda is limited to what you can make up yourself and expect people to believe.

That’s not what Trump’s doing these days. The last “mainstream” article that Trump posted was from Newsweek. That publication has been doing a much better job lately of being completely non-partisan.

They even include a “fairness meter” now for their readers to rate whether they think a particular article was biased, and in which direction.

But Trump can’t post mainstream, non-partisan news. Reality has a liberal bias, after all.

So what he’s begun doing is simply screencapping articles from the online version, then removing the parts he doesn’t like before posting the screenshots.

He just did this with an article the publication put out regarding polling. It had plenty of positive things to say about Trump — and of course he left all of that in.

But even in sections where the text he removed was relevant to the context, he simply erased the bits that didn’t flatter him.

The article was about the possibility of Trump winning the popular vote in addition to the electoral vote. That outcome, the author argued, would make Trump’s “mandate” more meaningful.

He starts out without changing a thing for the first two paragraphs. But then there’s a statement about him failing to win the popular vote over Hillary Clinton. He removed another line that noted the last Republican to win the popular vote was George W. Bush, 20 years ago.

More tellingly, Trump erased a line that said Joe Biden would have a two-point lead in “competency” and “effectiveness” if Trump were convicted of a felony.

My guess is that he just took that part out because he didn’t want to remind people he’s been charged with a pesky 91 felonies.

Trump went on to censor the comments of one expert who said Trump’s dream of winning the popular vote was a “pipe dream,” and that there was no way Trump could cobble together a coalition of youth voters, women, and minorities big enough to do so.

Then Trump basically cut off the rest of the article. Why? Well, because most of it contradicted everything he framed the article as with his redactions.

Here’s one way to avoid being fooled by Trump’s fake reposts: Google the text of the headline. You can compare what Trump posts with what’s on the official site.

Get ready to see much more of this nonsense.

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