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Watch George Conway Nearly Have a Coughing Fit as He Laughs About Trump’s Latest ‘Press Conference’ Idiocy

The man is a hot mess.

Today, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments in the case regarding Trump’s eligibility to run for president. At issue is the 14th Amendment, which contains a clause that precludes anyone who has been involved in an insurrection against the United States from holding public office.

Rather than appear in that courthouse (as he was invited to do), Trump instead chose to appeal to the court of public opinion.

Unfortunately, every time he does that, he represents himself. And if there’s a single worse legal representative than Trump’s actual lawyers, it’s Donald Trump.

The CNN panel covering the former president’s event today was in absolute hysterics as they listened to him ramble on about himself. He is, in fact, the only topic he’s an expert on. And even that, he usually misremembers the history of.

Above all, Trump clearly didn’t want to talk about the SCOTUS case happening today.

And it’s been a big week for him! Earlier this week, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled against him 3-0 in a case regarding so-called “presidential immunity.”

Now he runs the risk of being kept off of primary ballots not just in Colorado, where the current case originated, but possibly across the country. A number of states have filed intents to pursue exactly what the CO Supreme Court did in ruling that he was not eligible to run. If he’s adjudged to be ineligible, then even write-in votes for him would not count.

He simply would not be able to hold office.

Because that prospect terrifies him, he spends his time talking about literally anything else.

In fact, he’s so busy talking about himself that he often misses even good news about what’s going on. He acknowledged in passing that the case was before SCOTUS today, but barely mentioned it beyond that. But with even a cursory glance, he could have seen that with the 6-3 conservative majority on the nation’s highest court, his situation may not be as dire as he thinks.

Jake Tapper piped up after CNN cut away from Trump’s remarks: “I think we’ve gotten all the legal analysis we’re going to get out of President Trump,” he said, to the boisterous laughter of the panel.

George Conway was next, saying “He wants to talk about himself. He doesn’t want to talk about the Supreme Court and say, ‘Oh, the Supreme Court did a nice job today.’ He just wants to talk about what’s on his mind and himself.”

But it was reporter Jamie Gangel who brought up the elephant in the room. “So, could I just say someone didn’t tell him that this sounded like good news for him today? I mean, it wasn’t just the rambling sort of campaign speech, but if he had simply listened to the analysis afterward, he would know that it sounds like he’s in good shape.”

Leave it to Trump to not even understand what’s going on.

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