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Trump Supporters Fail Basic U.S. Citizenship Test and it Would Be Funny if it Wasn’t So Darn Sad (and Scary!)

Trump supporters have been tested to see if they can pass basic U.S. citizenship test questions and failed miserably. Which is pretty sad, right? After all, these people are supposed to LOVE the Constitution and yet, they don’t seem to know much about it. God forbid you say our country is a Democracy to a MAGAt…they will scream at you “NO, WE LIVE IN A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!” almost as if it’s a script. But ask them what a constitutional republic is, and…crickets.

Well, Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to a recent Donald Trump rally in South Carolina to find out what U.S. citizenship questions these self-proclaimed “patriots” could get correct.

Introducing the segment on his show, Kimmel said: “The people who support Trump and the MAGA agenda are under the impression that America was founded on the idea of excluding those who do not share your beliefs,” Kimmel said. “Which is the opposite the truth.”

The first question asked was “What is the supreme law of the land?” The answer is the Constitution, but Trump fans struggled to answer. In fact, none of the Trump fans asked could produce an answer, with only one guessing “guns and liberty”.

Question Two: “How many amendments does the Constitution have?”

Guesses included 32 all the way down to 10, but one came close to the correct answer of 27 by saying “twenty-something.”

However, she changed her mind to “maybe 13, I’m not real sure on that.”

Question Three: What are the first three words of the Constitution?

One person immediately responded, “In God We Trust,” but the presenter had to explain, “OK, so that’s four [words].”

One MAGA supporter did answer correctly, saying “We the people,” but was instantly exposed by the host who overheard a passerby give him the answer.

“You cheated,” the presenter said, ” you cheated like Joe Biden.” The latter statement received some energetic hype.

Finally, after a shaky finish to the citizenship questions, the only appropriate ending would be for the Kimmel crew to squeeze in one more piece of American trivia: by getting MAGA fans to sing a rendition of the United States national anthem.

Two men adorned in Trump hats sang the national anthem, getting it almost right until they fumbled it at the end.

“So close, you guys,” the presenter said.


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