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Trump Hysterically Photoshops 30 Years Off His Age in New Photo With Son Barron

Okay this is just freaking ridiculous. First of all, it’s nice to see photos of Barron Trump now. For so long we rarely saw him as Melania Trump kept him well hidden, surely for his own good…I can’t blame her with the political climate we have. I guess she realizes that now that he’s eighteen years old, she really doesn’t have a choice as he will soon be leaving for college. Barron has made a few appearances recently, including at Easter at Mar-a-Lago, and at least one photo with his father and MMA fighter Colby Covington.

First, do you know who Colby Covington is? He’s a mixed martial artist and a big Trump lover. And he’s also a giant piece of crap. At his last fight in December 2023, he fought British fighter Leon Edwards, whose father was shot and killed when he was just 13. Covington taunted and teased Edwards about his father, and told him before the fight that his father was in “hell”. Classy guy. Typical MAGA piece of sh*t. Of course karma usually wins, as Covington lost the fight to Edwards. When he lost, he blamed it on the fact that he was a “conservative” who praised Donald Trump. He claimed the fight was “rigged”. NOPE COLBY…you lost because you’re a loser. Just like your boy Donald.

Tell me this isn’t pure MAGA:

But don’t worry, when the fight ended Covington looked like this:

Colby Covington (right) lost a unanimous decision against Leon Edwards (left). Photo – Getty Images

Moving on, Colby Covington posted a photo of him with Donald and Barron Trump to X/Twitter. And the photo is hysterical because it’s obvious that this photo has been edited to the hilt. I mean, the dead giveaway is Trump’s neck…his vagina neck is missing! Take a look:

Seriously, LOOK AT THIS:

Barron looks great, but there is no way this is what Donald Trump looks like:

This photo reminds me of the end of the classic Stanley Kubrick film The Shining, where at the close the camera pans in to a final photo of Jack Torrance, and he’s a young, dapper handsome man:

The fact that Trump looks like he’s 45 is hysterical. Doesn’t he realize that we see him all the time and we know what he looks like? Here is Trump a few months ago arriving in Iowa on a particularly cold day:

Or how about this photo of the guy golfing:

WE KNOW WHAT TRUMP LOOKS LIKE! This photo is ridiculous. Even Covington and Barron are “cleaned up” and edited into oblivion. And people on X/Twitter weren’t having it:


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