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Trump Just Posted Something So Dark and Disturbing on Truth Social We Can’t Ignore It

The world is witnessing the destruction of the “old guard,” the same guard that – at least with respect to widespread war around the world allowed for relative peace compared to the forty years that occurred after 1910 and approximately 50 years of the Cold War, during which we came close to nuclear war – way too close – and yet avoided it, with the old guard.

Meanwhile, the world saw itself get wealthier and wealthier in China and India, and now, with new investment in Africa, the “old guard” must go, according to Donald Trump, who posted a lengthy Q-Anon video, the same people who promised that JFK Jr. would return in the summer of 2020 to run as Trump’s running mate.

Yes, that group. As OK magazine wrote:

Among countries mentioned were Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan, North Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Russia and Germany. It also claimed the Vatican, the European Union, NATO, The Queen, King Charles and “the swamp” had all “submitted” to the controversial politician.

Later in the clip, it referred to Trump as “the people’s president” and promised, “the best is yet to come.”

The video implies that the countries that Trump visited were “submitting” to his power, essentially recognizing him as the new world leader.

The thing that is always difficult about these stories is that Trump most likely did hear that he was “new” and he was “strong,” and everyone was bowing before him because it played to his ego, and he’d allow that nation to then rob the U.S. blind.

At this very moment, half of the Republican party is now fighting to allow Russia to run over Ukraine in a war against democracy. That is how a country is “sold out” to foreign forces.

The net was having none of it.

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