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Trump Privately ‘Grumbled for Months’ About Kari Lake’s Constant Presence at Mar-a-Lago

The Washington Post has a five-sourced report on the growing rift between Donald Trump and Kari Lake. Short story long, Trump has grown weary of Lake’s incessant presence at Mar-a-Lago and would prefer that she be out campaigning for the Arizona Senate campaign, among other worries.

Even weirder, Arizona may be the state in which the MAGAs that live there are the most loyal and strongest in existence, and yet, according to the report, even some Arizonan Republicans are beginning to resent the amount of time that she’s spending in Florida and not in Arizona.

It makes one wonder what exactly Lake is campaigning for. Is the angling for the Vice President spot more than the Senate seat? And does Trump believe she’s going to lose the race for the Senate and doesn’t want to endure a loss with respect to a high-profile race? Does she just like to be pampered at the resort?

Impossible to tell.

According to The Washington Post’s report:

At one point last year, after grumbling for months that she was at his Mar-a-Lago Club too often, Trump gently suggested to Lake that she should leave the club and hit the campaign trail in Arizona, according to a person with direct knowledge of his comments. Trump has also asked others if she can really win in Arizona and if she might drag down his own poll numbers as he seeks the presidency again in 2024, advisers said.

The fact that Trump “gently” suggested that Lake hit the campaign trail says a great deal.

Trump is notoriously abrupt. If he gently suggested she get on out and set a date for an event in Flagstaff, it means that he doesn’t want her feeling down or hurt – it means he wants her out fighting and that is something to note because that could explain why five sources want this report out.

Lake will surely take note.

The worry about Lake dragging Trump’s poll numbers is likely related more to Arizonan voters coming out to support the Democrat over Lake and happening to also vote for President Biden while at the polls. It isn’t like Lake will impact Trump… not much, anyway. He dominates everything.

The story does make some sense, and I can’t get over the fact that the Post directly noted that they had five sources. It tells me that this is a message – and a strong one, to Lake.

But it’s a message that gives Trump 100% deniability.


Jason Miciak is Executive Editor at Political Flare and an Editor at Large for Occupy Democrats, he can be reached at [email protected]

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