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Lara Trump Seems to Really Enjoy Talking About Anal Sex — What Will the Evangelicals Say?

Talk about subjects to be avoided! And yet, Right Wing Comedian Alex Stein seems fascinated (Obsessed?) with talking to Lara Trump about sodomy (and that’s the word I’m using throughout.)

Obviously, so long as the activity involves consenting adults and it doesn’t offend the SPCA, then it seems fine to us outsiders. But does it need to be the topic of discussion – over even topic in more than one episode of his show? A year apart?

Thankfully, the New Normal podcast, sponsored by the Daily Beast addressed the subject because there is no way that I would go there first. Now, it’s out there with greater reach than we’ll have so… well, this is just too weird to ignore – much as one might want.

It was a little over a year ago that Stein said to Lara Trump – apropos of nothing, “I mean, as far as I’m concerned, once you are married, everything is legal and everything that everyone enjoys, whatever it may be.

From the Daily Beast’s breakdown of its own broadcast, it’s tough to discern what happened this year versus last year, but somehow this came up:

“That’s it, Lara. Oh my God, I love you. See, you’re such a good sport. Everything’s legal. So my wife and her boyfriend, whatever they do, it’s totally legal.”

Wait. What? Wife and boyfriend? That’s a… well, normally, you say “two consenting adults,” but this leaves the door open a bit, and, well – I suspect people want to explore that topic even less.

For those who want to see this year’s rendition, it is below – including the transcript.

“I will just say this, the CEO said, ‘You can not allowed to talk any butt stuff, nothing anal, nothing derrière, nothing about the rear end,’” he told her.

(Stein’s boss, apparently knows what is appropriate versus what is not and yet cannot control his own on-air talent?)

Lara Trump joked then joked: “Well, I gotta go. That’s the only reason I was here was to obviously do that.”

She played Stein! Stein answered:

“Oh, please stay, please stay! That’s hot. That’s cool, Lara. You got me going now, Lara, now you got me wooooo. I did not expect that answer.”

No, leave. Leave now if you can’t take anymore!

Okay. Right. This has nothing to do with politics except for the fact that Lara Trump is now co-CEO of the RNC, which still leaves it teetering on the edge of politics at all.

Alright. Nothing. It has nothing to do with politics, only “Flare” – which Nicole (Who will take full blame for this) thinks is funny or worth covering. To be fair, so did the Daily Beast

I’m going to get out of here before I end up somehow looking like I endorse this conversation. The net certainly did.


Jason Miciak is Executive Editor of Political Flare and can be reached at [email protected]

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