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Trump Reportedly Showed Signs of ‘Exhaustion, Tension and Sadness’ After Florida Event, Signaling His Desperation

If there's anything Trump knows, it's desperation.

He’s been desperate for adoration. He’s been desperate for Money. He’s been desperate for power and acclaim and approval from his family.

Now, Donald Trump seems like he’s just desperate for all of this to be over. It’s no wonder that he pushed so hard for the primary to be over, for the others in the race, even if they were viable, to drop out.

He just wants to be president again. And he’s desperate for his underhanded ploys to work in order to get there.

So one of his donors bought a section of seating at the Miami Grand Prix that he then turned into a section for fundraising, to the tune of $250,000 a seat. When the organization caught wind, they shut them down, using a cease-and-desist:

“It has come to our attention that you may be using your Paddock Club Rooftop Suite for a political purpose, namely raising money for a federal election at $250,000 per ticket, which clearly violates the Formula 1 Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix suite license agreement.”

But Judi James, a body language expert, told reporters that when Trump showed up at the event anyway (he’d already announced his intended attendance), he was showing signs of exhaustion and frustration.

“With his open-neck shirt and his baseball cap in on hand, there are some subtle signals that could suggest growing exhaustion from Trump here. He walks out slowly, which is his way of making a grand, ‘Presidential’ entrance but his arms and shoulders appear pulled backward, making his head and neck stick out forward, which can be a sign of tiredness.

His lower jaw seems to jut too, with what looks like tension in the muscles and the squaring, which can also suggest effort is being required and made here. His facial expressions do appear more reflective than usual and his squinting eyes and jaw-jut suggest he is sadder than his usual ebullient self, looking grateful for the support he is getting here.”

She didn’t stop there in her interview with the UK’s The Mirror:

“If he feels he is being made a martyr this body language would fit with that narrative although he also can’t avoid doing some low air-punches to signal a continuing intention to fight and even to signal victory. His fists in the air suggests a desire for unity with the crowd.”

Trump during the F1 Grand Prix on May 5 in Miami, Fla. Photo: Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images

There’s no unity for Trump. He rests in a world that consists of financial supporters and lowly servants. Those that turn on him in court cases, those that cry when they’re forced to testify against him, and those that lie for him outright.

Oh no, the tyrant is tired! Let him sleep, them. In court, apparently, as he releases his essence into the room.

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