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Trump Flips Out Like a Toddler After People Accurately Call Him ‘Cognitively Impaired’

Donald Trump is in a sour mood yet again, because he doesn’t like the media portraying him as “cognitively impaired” if he says “one word slightly out.” He may not like it, but he’s obviously cognitively impaired. Period. I mean what else would you call it, when he gets the name of his own doctor wrong, continually mixes up the names of cities he’s in, speaks a word salad, and even forgets his own son’s name? And even confuses Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley, and calls Matt Gaetz “Rick Gaetz.”

But at a rally in Philadelphia on June 22, Trump compared his press coverage with that of President Joe Biden, who, he noted, could “fall off the stage” without receiving the same kind of treatment by the media, Newsweek reports.

Both Trump, 78, and Biden, 81 have sparked concerns because of their ages and propensity for making gaffes. Some people are worried about their mental agility and ability to serve a four-year term. While being interviewed by Time magazine, earlier this month, Biden appeared to confuse Russian President Vladimir Putin with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He also said the population of Africa would hit 1 billion “in the next several years,” although it hit that milestone some time ago and now has a population of 1.4 billion.

At a rally in Phoenix earlier this month, Trump hit a foul ball, saying “What they’re doing here in Texas.” His spokesperson tried to do damage control, telling Newsweek, “President was obviously saying ‘here’ as in Arizona and then mentions Texas as well.”

Yeah, sure, sure.

But Trump vented his spleen at the rally and slammed the media. “If I blow it up here, though, they—actually, they take a perfect, brilliant, beautiful statement that I make. I go for two hours without teleprompters, and if I say one word slightly out they say, ‘He’s cognitively impaired.'”

“Whereas Biden can run into walls. He can fall off the stage. He can fall up the stairs. He falls up.”

Trump can complain all he likes but the man is a walking talking error machine, but the fact is the man has stumbled verbally as much or even more than Biden. We’ve seen that strange video of him all foamy-mouthed and another clip where he can barely keep his eyes open. Somehow, to me, anyway, Biden always appears sharper.

And in February, Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, gave him a clean bill of health, writing in his yearly health summary that Biden is “a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

I don’t think anyone would describe Trump as “robust.” The words that come to mind are bloated, sweaty, confused, orange, red-faced, and bombastic.

I think I’ve covered all the bases.

This clip by Meidas Touch provides a hilarious look into all of Trump’s embarrassing gaffes.

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