Political Flare strives for 100% accuracy in headlines and news reports. Political Flare reporters and opinion writers double source their reporting per industry standards. This includes identifying all available information such as names, positions and URLs, as well as factual statements and quotations. Our writers conduct their own fact checking using their own judgment guided by the ethics policy.

We live in a 24/7 news cycle that is constantly changing and updating. At Political Flare we do our best to update articles with new facts and information as they become available. If new facts or information change the basis of the article, we make corrections according to our corrections policy. However, because of the fast-moving nature of breaking news events, some articles may not be updated, as they are often supplemented by new articles.

Political Flare relies on reputable news wire services including Agence France Presse (AFP), Reuters, and Associated Press (AP), which employ their own fact-checkers. Political Flare will only independently rely upon certain facts found in other reputable organizations with elite fact check sections of their own (e.g. The New York Times, Washington Post).

Political Flare is a trusted NewsGuard-validated news website. All articles list the writer of the piece along with the writer’s contact information. If any reader finds any element of any story they believe to be mistaken, they are encouraged to contact the writer of the piece or the publisher of the site and the correction will be made as soon as the mistake is discovered.

Please note this policy may be changed at any time without notice at Political Flare’s discretion.