Donald Trump Encouraged Daughter Ivanka to Release a Sex Tape


According to a new article in New York Magazine’s The Cut, Ivanka Trump has a very odd relationship with her father, Donald Trump.

This, we knew, right?

Well, it gets even worse.

According to The Cut, Donald Trump once encouraged his daughter to release a sex tape, a la Paris Hilton.

From The Cut:

In 2003, when Paris Hilton’s sex tape was leaked on the internet, Donald wouldn’t stop talking about it, saying, “Paris is laughing all the way to the bank, she’s got the last laugh, she’s marvelous.”

Ivanka could not believe her father was not only idolizing an airhead heiress caught blowing a guy on a night-vision video but encouraging her to follow Paris’s lead.

(Speaking from the White House, [press secretary Stephanie] Grisham says, “This is untrue and is disgusting.”)

“The thing with Paris hurt Ivanka a lot,” says a friend. “He was heartbreaking to her at times.” But as with so much of her father’s behavior, she buried her feelings and moved on. She told herself that the story of her father’s attitude toward women was, simply, complicated, according to friends. Donald hired many women at the Trump Organization, she knew, and these women weren’t universally pretty; he wanted to employ women with traditionally masculine attitudes and almost enjoyed feeling discomfited by them, having them boss him around. Her father may have had issues with women, she felt, but he did not meet the textbook definition of a misogynist — a belief she seems to hold to the present day.


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