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Donald Trump Jr. Boasts He’s Not ‘Elite’ Because He Flies Coach … and Other Trump Lies of the Day

Some of us seem tasked with providing the historical record and account of Trump’s lies, with an eye out for the “next Trump.” To that end, there is a brilliant article in the Independent chock full of all things weird about the trip to India and the  (Don Jr.’s) “response” to the last week or so.

But I am just going to focus on two, because I cannot decide which one is the biggest lie:

First, Trump now fears Sanders the most!! It is absolutely true, because Trump actually said it, so of course it’s a … :

Donald Trump has told reporters Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is the 2020 rival he fears the most during his tour of India, which began with the president receiving a bear hug from Narendra Modi and a lavish welcome from the locals.

Oh, please. Offending us once again with your lies?

This isn’t a comment on Sanders and his ability to win. It isn’t my place to advocate for or against a Democratic candidate. I am an advocate of democracy, and right now I’d vote for a Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush IF someone could guarantee it would get Trump out of office. I am for anyone running against Trump.

I just want to clear-up this lie about Sanders. Whether Trump is correct or not, he clearly wants to run against Sanders more than any other candidate on the Democratic side. When Trump sent Rudy out around the globe to get dirt, he didn’t send Rudy to Havana or Moscow, or Vermont, to get shit on Sanders. He sent Rudy out to get it on Biden. When Trump screams that the DNC is screwing over Sanders, it is not because he personally fears Sanders so much that he’s worried “it might not work.”

Most importantly, we know Russia wants Trump to win, and we know – because our government, the people who specialize in this, whom we believe – have told us. Russia wants Trump to win, and they’re promoting Sanders.

Dah? Trump is desperate to run against Sanders, because he truly fears Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigiege, Klobuchar, Warren, the list is pretty much everyone but Sanders.

Maybe Trump will get tripped-up, maybe Bernie’s the only one who can kick Trump’s ass. Trump would deserve it. I doubt it, but it’s not my thing. My thing is that it’s obvious Trump is lying about who he fears. He is trying to help Bernie.

And speaking of lies, here is a fun one. The Don Jr. guy who clearly sees himself as the “next president,” (whenever that may be) wants you to know that just because he grew up in mid-town Manhattan, in a luxury penthouse, in a building with his last name plastered on top, flying in private 757s and helicopters, and having “winter houses” – mansions – on the beach in Florida, none of that matters, because he’s a “man of the people,” and flies coach.

That’s no shit.

Don Jr. is busy telling everyone that can possibly hear, that he’s been flying coach! So of course that means he is “real.”

Wait, it ain’t just that. He shoots shit, and eats meat!

In a post he made to Instagram, Mr Trump Jr is seen smiling in a photograph with a pair of passengers onboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona.

“I am not an elitist. Never have been, never wanted to be and certainly never tried to get on the BS rubber chicken dinner circuit,” Mr Trump Jr said in the Instagram post. “I like fishing, hunting, red meat, trucks and guns. And yes, I usually fly coach, but preferably not int’l middle seat!”

As they say down south, “Do what, now?” With your head-cocked, not understanding.

Dude, what the hell do you think you’re on that Southwest flight for? What are you going to? In the preferrably “not middle seat”?

You’re on the rubber chicken circuit – probably eating lobster – and you fcking love it, because you’re not a “man of the people,” you’re actually pretty busy convincing real people why you’re great! Not only that, you’re on that rubber chicken circuit because that’s been your dream for life.

Even elitists can like shooting shit, trucks, guns, middle seats and Southwest, so long as everyone thinks they are great, and the elite gets a “break from all the man of the people stuff” in their penthouse in Manhattan, in Florida, with a lot of crab and prime rib. Oh, and this matters hugely to me. A real man doesn’t dump the mother of your children the moment the curvy FOX babe beds him.

Damn, the Trump lies get me crossed up, I am not even sure which lie I’m addressing. Maybe they’re both walking lies?

So instead of trying to refute these lies, maybe we oughta just laugh – once in a while.

Ha ha, “Bernie,” and “Man of the people,” morons.


Peace, y’all


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