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Eric Trump Whines That the IRS is Unfairly Targeting His Father, ‘It’s the IRS Scandal of This Generation!’

Eric Trump sometimes makes assertions that strain credibility and that’s especially true after his appearance Tuesday on Fox & Friends where he complained that an explosive report by The New York Times that detailed years of President Donald Trump’s tax avoidance is an example of an attack on his father by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“My father pays a fortune in taxes, so let’s get that straight,” he said and then contended New York Times reporter Suzanne Craig and her colleagues couldn’t enough time to write a “35-page long article” Friday afternoon. “They’ve been writing that article for three months; they wanted to drop it the morning before the debate. These are disgusting people.”

If you ask me, the world needs more of these kinds of “disgusting people,” and less of the racist, misogynistic, child-incarcerating people. In other words, less of Eric Trump’s disgusting father.

Just a thought.

But the younger Trump wasn’t done with his complaining, according to PoliticusUSA.

“Second of all,” he added, “why is no one talking about the IRS? Someone at the IRS leaked the documents. I really believe that this is the IRS scandal of this generation.”

So it was wrong for the Times to reveal what many people had already suspected for the past four years? That his dad was allegedly fudging the numbers? Meaning, in other words, that the IRS was doing its’ job?

Then he claimed, “the IRS is targeting my father because he’s doing a great job and they don’t like him.”

I really don’t know which direction to take with that one — perhaps the direction that says the unemployment rate in the U.S. is still floundering under Trump, albeit improving slightly; or perhaps the direction that shows dear old dad has completely botched the response to the pandemic, resulting in the deaths of more than 210,000 Americans?

Eric Trump can feel sorry for his father all he wants but it’s no conciliation for those of us who have lost so much because of this president, this man who has caused so much suffering when it didn’t even have to happen at all. Break out the tiny violin.

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