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Michele Bachmann Says That People Who Are ‘Not Jewish or Not Christian’ Have Ruined Minnesota

False Gods in Minnesota are up to no good according to right-wing former Rep. Michele Bachmann, who told pastor Todd Coconato on his “Bombshell” podcast that her home state had been “one of the happiest places on Earth.” But now all that’s changing because of all those durned newcomers who worship “false gods,” writes Kyle Mantyla for Right Wing Watch.

Coconato asked Bachmann what her thoughts were regarding the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and she recounted stories of the state’s grandness, saying that “there’s really no place like it on Earth. Minnesota is a highly-educated place where most people are family-oriented, she noted and added it’s a state with great education infrastructure and economy stability because it was founded by people “who had a very strong biblical ethic.”

But then she indicated she was distressed over changes she’s seen within the state.

“That has changed beyond my wildest dreams to where we are today, I’m sorry to say,” she lamented.

Coconato asked her what’s causing so much change and Bachmann responded that “people embrace false gods” and said many “who are not true believers of the Book” have moved to Minnesota. “They’re not Jewish or not Christian” she added.

Mantyla notes Minnesota has seen an influx of Muslim immigrants from Somalia over the last several years.

As you might expect, Bachmann doesn’t have anything positive to say about this.

“I would say probably the main thing is a loss of reverence for God and of the things of God and a loss of reverence for his word and the truth of his word, and turning away from the truths of his words to our own ways,” Bachmann said. “And that brings us to a place of emptiness, ultimately sorrow and sadness. And I think that’s happened here in Minnesota.”

Then she wrapped things up with the usual religious freedom bunk, that somehow the religious are being persecuted because they can’t dismiss other people’s beliefs.

“Also, the embrace of false gods,” she told Coconato. “Many people have come to the Minnesota area that are not believers of the Book. They’re not Jewish or not Christian. That’s not to say that God doesn’t love all people. He does. But when people embrace false gods, that brings an element into your society. You know, 30 years ago we could say that there are false gods and that we shouldn’t worship them. Today, it seems like we’re not allowed to say that because that’s considered not inclusive or not diverse enough. But the fact is the word of God says that there’s only one God to whom we serve, and there are false gods here in the state of Minnesota.”

God may love all people but his followers sure like to persecute anyone they perceive as “different” and it seems to me that every other religion pretty much says the same thing. As an atheist, this doesn’t seem logical to me because if there’s one thing we all are it’s human. We’re all human and we’re all one race — the human race. That should be inclusive enough.

Here’s what Bachmann had to say in the video below.

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