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Right-Wing Pastor: Trump Was Chosen by God and ‘Should Never Be Criticized’

Right-wing pastor Robert Henderson is an ardent Trump supporter who claims he ensured President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential win by beseeching “the courts of Heaven.” Now he’s claiming in a video that Trump was chosen by God, and therefore “should never be criticized.”

He offered a stern warning that Christians who criticize Trump are bringing “a curse upon our nation,” Right Wing Watch reports.

At first, I thought, “Yikes what a fool.” Of course, that’s my typical reaction to people like Henderson, but then I realized Trump is doing exactly what people like him want. He’s following their agenda: Oppress women, Black people, immigrants, and people who follow other religions or none at all (like me). So for him, hey, what’s not to like?

Then he turned all fire and brimstone:

“I promise you there is a curse on our nation, not because the secular world speaks against President Trump, but because the Christian world does,” Henderson warned. “We are violating the laws of God, and we are violating the ways of God by rising up and speaking evil against President Trump. People may not like his mannerisms (no, really?), they may not like the way he does things, they may question his motives, but here’s the reality: He sits in the seat of the president of the United States of America, and because of that, he should never be reviled, he should never be spoken evil of, he should never be criticized.”

So, when Trump calls immigrants “bad hombres,” we’re to remain silent? Check. When Trump lets COVID-19 kill nearly 221,000 Americans, we’re to keep mum? Check. When he calls women “pigs” and “dogs” we’re supposed to stuff that down? Check. We’re to keep quiet while he nominates conservative justices who will help him lead the country into fascism? Got it.

But Henderson wants God to go easy on Trump and those who would criticize him.

“I pray that all the negativity that has been spoken against President Trump, that it would not be held to our account,” Henderson said, working himself into a crying jag, “and that the Lord would be merciful to large portions of the church that thinks we have a right to our opinion.”

Well guess what kids, I have a right to my opinion and I’m going to use it. Especially when I write about these people.

Here’s Henderson’s nonsense in the video below.

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