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Actor Ed Norton Goes Viral With His Perfect Explanation of Why Trump Has Refused to Concede Election

Well, as with all things Trump, part of his game is to keep everyone guessing. Why were the two Michiganders – the legislative leaders – at the bar in his hotel last night drinking $500 bottles of Dom Perignon? That would seem to fit this site’s theory as to what Trump’s end game has been all along, try to get the MAGAs in such a frenzy that they near demand their legislatures throw out the votes and send electors to the electoral college to vote for Trump. That’s sure what that looked like.

On the other hand, if this was Trump’s end game, he’d be out pounding the podium in those states, rallying up the people waiting to get COVID. He wouldn’t be sitting in his basement (see what I did there?) tweeting away. He keeps suing, he keeps losing because he truly has nothing at all. Perhaps the meeting with the Michiganders was about nothing more than to talk about “considering things” for a week. He needs the Michigan legislators to appear open to the idea, just to scare people.

But Ed Norton has a thread that we’re recommending you read because it makes one hell of a lot of sense to us and explains quite a bit of what we’re seeing. It is also classic Trump, from the bankruptcies to the lies, to turning to the Russian mob – he’s always got an end game, a feral survival instinct that might be the only real gift he has.

We’ll go down, as usual, read top to bottom, both tweets, we’re just saving space, but this is very much worth your time and we’ll see you below for our analysis:

And before our analysis, we thought you’d like to see the typical MAGA response and a real person wake up the MAGA:

As for the MAGA guy and “spent all that time …” Yeah, amazing what one can do when one can fire the FBI Director for investigating him, fire anyone for anything, put loyalists everywhere, and still get caught committing a crime, as he did with impeachment – which was a clear crime.

As for Norton’s plan:

Okay – That all makes one hell of a lot of sense, except for a couple of things. We do not doubt for a second that destruction of evidence is happening all day and night right now, and that’s likely part of the reason Biden’s not getting any of the intelligence briefings. The intelligence briefings might include threats from Russia that Trump’s been ignoring from the beginning. It is conceivable that Biden might get a bit different “briefing” than Trump, too.

But there is one aspect that is bothering us about this entire scenario. If his biggest concern is legal liability for all this – to the point where he’d be charged with crimes and all that, why test the waters regarding self-pardons? (The one case that I recall reading about a self-pardon was 100 years old and involved a governor in WA. It didn’t work. AT all.)

If Trump’s primary concern is that he will he held liable for all this (in his lifetime – he knows that history will figure it out), why wouldn’t he hand the presidency off to Pence tomorrow, saying – it’s worth it, Mike. You’ll oversee the first stages of distributing the virus and might go down as a hero. I just need you to pardon me as the first thing you do.”

It is a bit of a risk because the papers might get signed and Trump shoves the pardon paper forward toward Pence only to have President Pence look at Ex-President Trump and say, “You’re on your own, fcker. You brought me into all this and I have enough problems now!” Pence would have every single right, morally, and legally. At that moment, Pence would be president, not Trump. But Pence is likely subservient enough, and Trump is likely tricky enough to do things a little backward and have his pardon signed before he signs his resignation (though there would be witnesses – that would be tricky). As we said, it’s a bit of a risk.

A Pence pardon would take care of every federal crime committed up to that point – all of them. The Nixon case proved you don’t have to be charged with crimes to be pardoned for them. Trump would, of course, have pardoned his entire family beforehand, but no one else that could testify against him. Because, if he pardoned someone, they wouldn’t be able to exercise their 5th Amendment rights – it’s been waived, so they’d have to testify against Trump or it’s a new crime.

But the state crimes you’re saying, what about New York? I am not sure – and I don’t know that anyone is sure, because this has never happened – I am not sure that a presidential agreement to step down and transfer papers to Biden peacefully could even involve NY unless they volunteered to be part of the agreement beforehand, something I doubt they would do.

The way we see it, the only way Norton’s “plan” or point could work is IF Trump had the states ready to send multiple electors to the electoral college already, meaning Trump really did have something with which to bargain. Because at that point, Trump has a constitutional ability or hole card to actually play. But that doesn’t seem to be coming together.

We don’t think Trump has a concrete plan right now. To the extent he does, it involved the state electors. We have been told that by Rudy, by DeSantis, by McConnell, (“wait for the electoral college”) – We suspect Norton hasn’t been reading Flare enough to know that at least part of Trump’s plan involves trying to convince the electors through the legislators.

Some of this is about nothing more than raising as much damned money as Trump can get his hands on. He cannot be out begging for money without a cause. His cause is fighting to “stop the steal” and thus he needs as much money as possible. Trump will never NOT be begging for money. THAT is what he does best, con, and beg for money. He lives on credit, and he lives well.

But the thread had enough substance in it that we believed it was worth your time and consideration. Truth is, Trump probably isn’t positive about what he wants to do right now except ensure he walks out of this without consequences. He certainly does realize by now that he isn’t serving a second term.

Oh, and on the part about “Do NOT deal with him. Call his bluff at every point. No deals.” We couldn’t agree more.

Social media went nuts:


Peace, y’all
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