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Trump Explodes in Anger on Twitter Because Biden is Forming a Cabinet, ‘THE WORLD IS WATCHING!’

There are all kinds of things about Trump that are easily laughed off.

He is a character that would never appear in a movie script, never mind one that was accepted. It is doubtful that anyone ever contemplated someone so arrogant, narcissistic, and corrupt. 

Michelle Obama once said – perhaps she was quoting someone else or perhaps this was her own observation – the presidency doesn’t change you so much as reveal who you really are. Well, Trump can claim some success in at least that part of his presidency.

We are not disparaging him for aging (we’re all aging), but something seems to have … he has lost some of his behavioral “cover.” If one just goes back to interviews from 2015 when he first ran and compares them to now, your jaw will drop with how much he’s lost in terms of vocabulary and ability to … comport himself like a functioning adult.

But by far the most annoying aspect of his presidency is the projection of his faults on others coupled with his obsession with his own perfection. It makes one want to punch a hole in the wall, or something else. It truly is like he believes that the entire world acts as he does behind closed doors. According to Trump, Obama was the most corrupt president of all time, because of course, he was, Obama did exactly what Trump does, just more people liked Obama. There are a million other examples. We have a perfect one from this evening:

He promised us a “rigged” (corrupt) election … if he lost. If he won it was clearly clean and perfect. Same thing with the media. The “failing New York Times” is the first newspaper he’ll cite IF they have an article that portrays him in a good light or just says something positive – at that point, they’re telling the truth. Same with the Washington Post. It becomes a joke, one that would actually be funny, if he was not in charge of the federal government during a real disaster.

We used to naively say, “how bad would it be if a real disaster came along?” Not many of us could possibly have imagined one of this size, but we have our answer. Deny it happened. Blame others for the problems. Take credit for any successes. Wait for people to just accept it as something in the background. And golf your fat ass off.

The presidency didn’t change him (it did wear his brain down, one that wasn’t powerful or well-educated to begin with), it just revealed who he truly is. He is a TV star in a “show.” It is just that this show really is “reality TV” and he’s the villain.

Now Trump is furious that Biden is forming a cabinet, the same exact thing Trump was doing four years ago. He is doing it again, good for me, bad for you. I get what I want and F-you. I am winning this election and Joe is picking his cabinet, someone make him stop!


Peace, y’all
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