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Sen Cornyn Humiliates Himself and MAGAs: Says Biden is the New FDR, Twitter Roars, ‘CORRECT!’

One of the single biggest issues confronting the Trump-led MAGAs stems from the fact that Trump could never admit that anything might be less than perfect with him as president. We all heard it, things like “the greatest economy in the history of the world, not even close…” So, with Trump as president, no Republican could never acknowledge that there might be a problem with anything.

Meanwhile, people in middle America knew damned well that there was a problem. Even prior to COVID, economic inequality continued to further divide winners and losers, the country was woefully behind in its infrastructure, and then, of course, COVID rolls through and decimates businesses all across the country, putting the nation and the world on the brink of an economic depression.

But things had never been better, according to Trump, or they would be perfect again soon. There was never a plan. Trump couldn’t think analytically. The plan went no further than Trump’s mere presence made everything perfect.

People didn’t buy it. Trump lost. President Biden came in and “woke” most of the country up as to how far behind we’d fallen and has now attacked the problems by being forthright and acknowledging that there are massive issues to tackle to pull this country into the 21st Century. Even some of us on the left didn’t sufficiently appreciate the extent of the issues, at least the non-climate change issues.

But the nation is very much in despair and the danger is real. A nation is never more vulnerable to fascism than when in an economic depression. We all know what happened in Europe and the United States during the Great Depression. The world faced two choices, follow a fascist promising riches and greatness if given full control, or follow democratic-socialist principles with massive stimulus projects to better the country. The U.S., Great Britain, and Canada followed democratic socialism, and we all know what happened to Germany and eventually the Soviet Union.

Joe Biden likely sees another huge depression on the horizon coming out of COVID. The country must react now and Biden wants to invest in this country with his massive stimulus programs. So far, the nation has rallied behind him with positive approval ratings. The MAGAs have no response and their pitiful bleating can almost be entertaining, especially when it falls flat on its face like John Cornyn did today:

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Ummm, hate to break it to John but much of the nation desperately wants a new FDR to invest in the country. Furthermore, the single biggest GOP-MAGA nightmare is that the nation wakes up to the fact that the government actually can work to help people. The entire GOP’s existence depends upon people hating the government and believing the government screws everything up… while having the most impressive and dominating military to ever exist, an almost laughable contradiction. Oh, and Trump’s mere presence makes everything perfect.

Twitter had an f’ing field day:

Correct, many people believed this.

Many, many, of us feel the exact same way as above.

Yep. Exactly.

Peace, y’all
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