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Matt Gaetz Further Humiliates Himself with Twitter Video Advertising New Rally in Riverside City Hall

Matt and Marj are going to stop communism come hell or high water, both of which are impossible to find in southern California.

We need to emphasize right up top that there are absolutely beautiful people in Riverside, California and so there is no reason to slam Riverside. This is a government building that hosts other political events, it really isn’t in a position to deny Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene a small place to gather the dozen people coming to see them tonight. Given the fact that there’s nothing the people or the city can do to deny Gaetz and MTG’s “mini rally,” we are confident that the wonderful people will ignore them.

So as great as Riverside is, we can all fall down laughing at the fact that Gaetz and MTG are reduced to flying across the country for an “America First” mini-rally in southern California, a rally that was canceled at three private convention centers. They have to have their rally at city hall.

We suspect everyone knows Gaetz and MTG’s issues. We do want to point out that, with respect to Marj, it is particularly dangerous to rally up anything entitled “America First,” given that the slogan was used in the 1930s by Americans sympathetic to Hitler’s Germany. Marj has repeatedly made comments that many believe cross the line into anti-Semitism and for which she should be kicked out of Congress.

Regardless, seeing that Matt Gaetz is reduced to begging people on Twitter to come to hear them speak is just scrumptious. It is satisfying enough that we suspect those wonderful folks in Riverside can actually enjoy their desperation:

F**king perfect. No one can stop you, Matt! Entertain some of our friends in Riverside who will not be coming, but will be happy to mock you into “isolation.” Fight communism where there are no communists! Twitter had a great time!

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Peace, y’all
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