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Trump Just Released Disgusting Statement Claiming Migrants are ‘Poisoning’ the Country, ‘So Sad to See!’

Ironic, coming from the guy who told you to drink bleach.

Just when you think Donald Trump has begun to fade from the national scene, his nonsense losing relevance with every passing day, he makes another public statement. It’s not so much that we have to pay attention to him. It’s just that the things he says are still so outrageous, it’s hard not to relive the trauma of his presidency.

In a message Trump sent out to supporters on Sunday, the former “leader” of the free world repeated the standard racist tirades that got him elected. Targeting his favorite scapegoats, undocumented immigrants, Trump said that the United States was being “poisoned” by the brief surge in attempted entries after President Joe Biden ended funding for the border wall Trump used as the cornerstone of his campaign platform in 2016.

Our Country is being poisoned with the millions of people that are illegally flowing through our Borders, in most cases not even questioned or stopped. Many are criminals from the emptied prisons of other countries, most of these are very dangerous people.

Our country is dying from within and nobody is doing anything to stop it. The first thing that should be done, and it can be done quickly, is FINISH THE WALL. A deal must be made with Mexico, where Mexico serves as a 2,000-mile barrier, not a launching pad for the illegals that are coming in​.

Of course, as usual, Trump was wrong about everything.

Fewer than two million immigrants have been detained over the last twelve months — which includes the end of the Trump presidency — as measured by US Customs and Border Protection. By definition, those detained are stopped and questioned. And the “crime” committed by these immigrants is usually nothing more than unlawful entry.

In fact, according to a study done in Texas, the state with the second-highest population of undocumented immigrants in the US, American citizens are twice as likely to be arrested for violent crimes than non-citizens. Drug crimes and property crimes are exponentially higher among citizens, as well.

It’s nothing new to see Trump using dehumanizing language against his enemies to rile up his base. But to claim that a country built on immigration, one whose backbone is its diversity, is being “poisoned” by those simply fleeing violence or looking for a better life — just like your ancestors and mine — is disgusting on a whole new level.

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