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Jill Biden Decorates WH Christmas Tree with Presidential Photos: Guess Where She Put Trump’s?

Gifts from the Heart”

Jill Biden’s Christmas “Theme for the Holiday Season”

Dr. Jill Biden is far too classy and wonderful – The World’s Most Interesting Woman – as we’ve called her, to add to her theme, “And one gift from just above the ass-cheek,” which is approximately where one is going to find the picture of Donald Trump and Melania on the White House Christmas Tree.

Hey, at least she included them. Can you imagine Melania putting a picture of Barack Obama on a White House Christmas tree? Any Black person? This is the woman who refused to invite Jill Biden to the customary FLOTUS tea during the transition. Michelle Obama gracefully invited Melania, despite that whole birther thing. But I digress…

The backstory is that Jill Biden decorated the White House holiday Christmas trees and included photos of past presidents and their spouses, many of the photographs came from Jill’s personal scrapbook and have never been seen before. There is a picture of Donald Trump and Melania, it’s on the backside of the tree, a little bit up. So, kind of like if you’re looking for a little birthmark on a person – perhaps a significant other – you’re going to really have to look for your target. It is not upfront with a beautiful smile. More like a wart.

Here’s the tree:

And if you look on the back of the tree, way back where people don’t look, you get the former guy and his wife:

Now that is a great start to the White House Christmas season and once again proves our point, Jill is cooler than us, and it’s not really close, which – while being a bit of a bummer, that someone is that far ahead, we’re big enough to admit it.

The trees do look beautiful and – weirdly, the non-monochromatic theme, albeit a departure from all-white and all-red, is daring, we think it works. Kinda like everything else Jill Biden sets her mind to.

Twitter had a field day:

[email protected] and on Substack: Much Ado About Everything

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