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Ted Cruz Blames Basically Everything (Except for Guns) for Mass Shootings — Absent Fathers, Video Games, Social Media, etc.

At some point, one would think that it would get hard for even the most earnest of the asses of the world and that they’d not be able to pull off the acting job anyway, even if they did have the energy to go on. But today, Ted Cruz is at the NRA Convention (because of course he is), and he knows why school shootings only happen in the United States. It is all because of things outside the government’s control and it’s anything but guns.

The problem with guns is that any “fixes” involve selling less guns and that is not acceptable to the NRA, which is nothing but a gun manufacturing lobby now. If you put an age restriction on selling guns, that cuts out the MAGA wannabes that think turning 18 is cool because they can go buy their own, and a second one, and a third one.

This cutout of Ted Cruz was seen outside of the NRA conference in Houston today. We approve.

If you put in universal background checks, that involves fewer customers. And if you ban the never to be damned enough AR-15, you wipe out one of the most widely sold guns in the United States (Yes, it is true, in a country awash in guns, one of the best selling guns is a military-grade assault rifle). All of that costs money.

So Ted Cruz points to things that the United States government is utterly helpless to fix, absent fathers, declining church attendance, and video games. Yes, Ted Cruz would be more open to banning video games than the guns that actually kill babies and their parents. More incredibly, listen to how earnest little Raphael sounds:

That makes sense because, yes, the United States absolutely sticks out as the only country on earth with those problems. How did we go so long without putting together that violent video games cannot be found in Japan and that church membership isn’t down in Belgium, and…

Yes, we are placing this image in every story about Uvalde. We want you to see their faces. God, they mattered.

Sick of these people. They have blood on their hands and they’re splashing in it.


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