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Americans Disgusted to Learn Trump’s PAC for ‘Voter Fraud’ Paid Melania’s Fashion Designer for ‘Strategy Consulting’

Ugh, this woman. Heck, this family. They have absolutely no morals, no ethics, and the have absolutely no regard for the American people, including their own gullible supporters.

Friday morning USA Today reported that Donald Trump’s Save America PAC, which he launched after the 2020 presidential election to challenge the results and raise money for candidates he supports, paid $60,000 to Melania Trump’s fashion designer/stylist, according to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings.

The filings show the PAC made four payments to Herve Pierre Braillard for “strategy consulting,” paying him $6,000 on April 7 and $18,000 on May 4, June 3 and June 24.

Disbursements showing the payments to Herve Braillard

The FEC forbids candidate PACs from spending money on personal items, but Save America is a leadership PAC, which has fewer restrictions, and the Trumps are basically using the fund as their own personal slush fund, and basically using it as their income.

The January 6th committee has criticized the Save America PAC for raising millions of dollars for election fraud claims that it knew were false. People were encouraged to make donations for an election defense fund, but two former Trump aides testified before the committee that the fund did not exist and was just a marketing tactic. Remember, many people who made donations are just regular people, making small dollar donations. But those small dollars add up quickly.

Melania Trump and designer Herve Pierre Braillard, who designed her inaugural gown, and was recently paid $60K for “strategy consulting” from Donald Trump’s PAC.

Trump is a billionaire. How much of a billionaire we don’t really know. But if he wealthy enough to pay for his wife’s own clothes and styling.

As expected, people on Twitter were absolutely disgusted:


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