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Rush Limbaugh Announces His Lung Cancer is Now Terminal, ‘It is the Wrong Direction’

The future isn’t looking bright for Rush Limbaugh, who gave his radio show listeners an update on his stage 4 lung cancer, telling them that even though there’s been some success in treating it, recent scans show the cancer is steadily growing.

“It’s not dramatic, but it is the wrong direction,” he said, per NPR.

“Stage 4 is, as they say, terminal,” Limbaugh added, discussing his illness in full. He admitted that when he first received the cancer diagnosis (in February) he really didn’t think he’d live to see “October 1st. I never thought I would see October 1st. I never thought I would. When October 1st hit on the calendar this year, I reminded myself of that — of that thought.”

Since his February diagnosis, Limbaugh said he’s undergone several treatments. This included two treatments early on that were unsuccessful. A third treatment, however, showed positive results, but now a recent scan shows the cancer is growing. He noted new chemotherapy drugs will be added to slow cancer’s progression.

Limbaugh has also said that despite this setback, he doesn’t plan to stop broadcasting his show. While I don’t wish him bad luck, this means he will continue to spout his usual racist, misogynistic, conspiracy theorist, Trump-supporting b.s. Earlier this month he helped Trump hold a “virtual rally” on his show and has promoted lies by claiming Joe Biden’s during August’s Democratic National Convention was “spliced together,” and called Biden’s vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris a “mattress” and a “hoe.”

That’s the kind of thing this repugnant man does. And he’s more than happy to do so. He’s claiming that religion has helped him deal with his cancer diagnosis but it apparently hasn’t helped him stop saying and doing ugly things while at the same time trying to return to business as usual.

“I am extremely grateful to be able to come here to the studio to maintain as much normalcy as possible,” he told his listeners.

He also thanked well-wishers on Twitter, telling them he “plans to hang around a long time to continue to annoy the Left.”

I’ll wager that most of us on the left don’t feel annoyed so much as we feel we must right his wrongs, just as we try to do when it comes to President Trump, who saw fit to award Limbaugh with the Medal of Freedom for no logically discernible reason whatsoever.

History can be a cruel judge but long after the likes of Limbaugh and Trump are gone, those of us on the Left will continue to right those wrongs. Count on it.

If you need a good laugh, here’s what Trump had to say about Limbaugh in the video below.

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