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Fox News Host Suggests That Nancy Pelosi Should Be Impeached Over Her ‘Role’ in Capitol Siege

Fox News host Harris Faulkner is in a dither because she thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t provide enough security when then-President Donald Trump incited the riots at the U.S. capitol buildings on Jan. 6th. Faulkner is so upset over the situation, in fact, that on Monday she called for Pelosi’s impeachment, Raw Story reports.

In a segment that didn’t bother to mention Trump’s role in the riots, Faulkner declared that Republicans are “demanding answers on security decisions leading up to and on the day of the U.S. Capitol attack.” Apparently House Republicans had sent a letter to Pelosi asking why additional support from the National Guard was denied prior to the attack.

While she continued to excoriate Pelosi over the lack of security, Faulkner made it clear she was also upset about “officials discussing keeping the National Guard in D.C. until the end of the fall.”

So…she’s mad at Pelosi for not providing enough security but also mad that the National Guard troops are on hand when they’re arguably a form of security? Ohhhhkay.

“The cost for taxpayers has gone over a half-billion dollars and they can’t agree on stimulus relief?” she said. “Oh my gosh!”

Then she was joined by Fox News contributor Sean Duffy, who wanted to know “What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?”

“Nancy probably knew more than she’s letting on and is trying to play politics as a distraction so the questions aren’t asked,” he said.

That seemed to be Faulkner’s sentiment as well.

“If she had intelligence or some information before the riots and that was not conveyed — because we knew the Capitol Hill police potentially knew a few things — if that was not conveyed to the people who could have protected all of them.”

She added:

“Like, if she played a role in not getting what they needed there, what should happen?”

“I’m just curious,” she added. “If it comes out, do other people start to get impeached now? I’m not being facetious. I want to know who knew about this leading up? Could there be seven people still alive today? That’s a fair question.”

Indeed it is. They would also still be alive if Trump hadn’t fueled the rioters with so much hate. That’s a fair statement of fact.

I’m going to point out a small fact here that many people may not know: The actual person who’s responsible for security at the Capitol building is the House Sergeant at Arms, which as Forbes will have you know, is the chief law enforcement officer of the Chamber. Paul Irving was the Sergeant at Arms when the insurrection occurred. He subsequently resigned. The acting Sergeant at Arms, sworn in on Jan. 11, 2021, during the first session of the 117th Congress is Timothy P. Blodgett.

Just thought I’d slap that in there for the sake of clarity. This fact-check by the Associated Press also sheds more light on the subject of who’s responsible for security at the Capitol.

Here’s what Faulkner had to say below:

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