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Franklin Graham Says Trump’s Wealth Declined While in Office Because He Put ‘America First’

Trump-supporting evangelist and noted homophobe Franklin Graham loves nothing more than extolling the virtues of a man who arguably doesn’t have any. He’s claimed those dastardly Democrats have it in for former President Donald Trump after they introduced a bill that would ban him from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

That caused him to lament “For four years they have been more concerned with trying to hurt former President Donald J. Trump than anything else — and they’re still at it,” he claimed.

Democrats introduced the No Glory For Hate Act in response to Trump’s incitement of the siege at the Capitol building, but Graham is perhaps fueled by delusion so this wasn’t on his radar. Maybe.

Trump has done plenty of wheeling and dealing all throughout his time as president and been just as sneaky as ever about his taxes but on his Facebook page, Graham makes him sound like he was some sort of saint.

As noted by Joe.My.God., Graham has this to say:

‘President Trump did not even take a salary when he was serving as president — he gave it all back. So many politicians leave office with far more money than when they came into office,” he wrote. “This report says President Trump also dropped about $1 billion in wealth during those four years while he served. Donald Trump became president not to make money or to put his hand in the till, but to do his best to preserve the great things about this nation for future generations. He put America first, not his own interests. I’ve never seen anyone work harder. Thank you, President Trump for your sacrifice and service to this nation.”

But what Trump really did for America is to reawaken racism. It’s always been here; it’s an ugly part of this country that has never gone to sleep and he poured gasoline all over it and lit the match. He watched as a pandemic consumed the country and stole the lives of 400,000 Americans on his watch although his administration did implement Operation Warp Speed which is now in full swing under the Biden administration, so there’s that. But he also bowed to pressure and encouraged states to open schools and businesses way too early and suggested people could inject themselves with bleach.

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That is what he did for America.

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